PSO2 Vita's Second Anniversary Event!

Come celebrate PSO2 Vita's second anniversary with the ARKS Unity Festival 2015! The event itself will be held from January 14th through March 15th featuring a new limited quest, a Web Panel event, and Xie's limited client orders and FUN shop.


Unity Festival 2015 bUnity Festival 2015 aUnity Festival 2015 c

Taking place in a chaotic metropolis, the event kicks off with a new limited quest featuring all sorts of enemies, like Dragon-kin, Mechs, and Oceanids. Why even Dark Vibrace is expected to appear! Join forces with Quna or the Shironians and slay the bosses that stand in your way.


Maihime fans
New items like this ★12 Talis will drop in the quest.


ARKS Unity Festival: Web Panel Event

liberte camoValgante camoTenchi MeisatsuSkuldZodiacSignValiant


Players will collectively earn points as they clear lines on the Bingo Card. These points are tallied up and used to unlock rewards listed at the official site. These rewards will include weapon camos designed by the teams who won the ARKS Grand Prix 2014!


Xie's Limited Client Orders and FUN Shop

Limited FUN Shop

(ARKS Unity Festival 2015) Xie will appear for a limited, handing out client orders and opening up a FUN Shop. Spend FUN Points to acquire weapon camos from the previous Unity Festival event.


Extra Hard Support

Players at advanced difficulties can take on powerful enemies in [Mining Base: Intrusion] and [Mega Mecha Awakening]. These quests will now support Extra Hard difficulty, allowing players at level 70 and above for the chance to receive new ★12 weapons.


Harukotan Style

Beige Scarf

A new scratch will be heading our way on January 14th, featuring Japanese themed costume and parts, and outfits from characters in the story.


Kotoshiro outfit
事代守人衣 (Kotoshiro Protector's Coat)
少名比売神衣 (Sukunahime Divine Wear)
Shironian Suit
白の民スーツ Shironian Suit
サヤヒメ・シリーズ (Saya-hime Series)
サヤヒメ・シリーズ (Saya-hime Series)
キジンスサノオ (Kijin Susano-o)
キジンスサノオ (Kijin Susano'o)
キオウガイ・シリーズ (Kiougai Series)
Suzuna Kushinada
スズナクシナダ (Suzuna Kushinada)


two tone hair pso2twotone color pso2 Hairstyle 2 Tone

In addition, some of the new hairstyles will support a new feature allowing you to set two different colors at the same time.

Arks Unity Festival Schedule

  • Unity Festival Period: January 14th ~ March 11th, 2015.
  • Web Panel Event: January 14th ~ February 25th, 2015.
  • Unity Festival 2015 Xie: January 14th ~ February 25th, 2015.

23 thoughts to “PSO2 Vita's Second Anniversary Event!”

  1. Sukuna-hime is so cute. I'll look forward to try this new hairstyles option, but I guess then it will only work with new hairstyles, not more ancients? (And will be an AC function… Sigh)
    I hope they will add Katori hairstyle for players someday too…

    Anyway enought hair talking… Huge patch incoming, I guess. :p

  2. Boy it would be nice if all of us on the western side of the world could play this fabulous game. Why can't North America and Europe enjoy this game too? 🙁

    1. to be brutaly honest man its the fact that many US players thing its impossible to enjoy it and have fun with it because of the language barrier ive played it for a long time and I enjoyed it still do.

    2. This game has been completely playable and almost fully translated for nearly 3 years now. If you aren't able to enjoy it as it is now, you won't enjoy any other version that will ever be released. There are literally thousands of English speaking players who have been playing since day 1.

    3. I've been playing since the BETA! I mean really there is no reason for english speakers not to be playing at this point – the game is like 95% translated – and it works great. Don't wait on SEGA – they will never bring this game to USA or UK – but the game is fully playable in english – just look up what SLANTO said and you're good to go.

    4. not only in the west but also some parts in the East 'cause of the SEA version. Hope they will lift up the Ip ban so that i can play w/o VPN

  3. I hope that Shirnonia suit looks exactly like it does in the photo, i would wear it because the shironias look like the beast race, something to imitate that race for the meantime till i get bored with it.

  4. I too will enjoy the basic shironian grunt costume. That coat wearing dude is a bit too generic for my taste.

  5. Oh? I thought she told the player to call her "Sukunahime" as her name not as "Princess(hime) Sukuna" lol. Well there's a theory that english speakers always focus only on the name's meaning rather than its sound. Speaking of Japanese translation, "Ufufufufu" doesn't exist though, it's "Uhu hu hu" and it actually is *giggles* and appear in some SE Asian languages too, not only in Japanese. I saw a translation group said "uhuhuhu sounds retarded" once …… hope these ppl aren't joining the pso2 translation project.

    1. ふふふ is fufufu is huhuhu. just like らりるれろ is lalilulelo is rarirurero.
      please, learn a thing or two before you try to sound like an authority, and please, PLEASE, don't go trying to start a hepburn VS kunrei-siki argument, because both are valid and nobody needs the dispute.

      and actually, she told the player/matoi to not use honorifics. she had no desire to be called "sukunahime-sama"(lady sukunahime) by anyone more than she already has to; even tamahime was annoyed about it. n' with her outfit writing the name in kanji we see why people calling her "princess sukuna" were mistranslating; 姫 isn't part of her name at all, presuming sega didn't simply throw it together for the outfit just to not use katakana. trying to interpret/translate actual japanese that's being written with katakana is messy to say the least. boo-hiss on sega for that trick, and boo-hiss on people who wanted to translate a proper name rather than only romanizing it.

    2. normally I'd suddenly stop arguing and stop reading when the other one dig his own grave or just fail miserably, so type what you want after this, I won't be reading it anyway. And the reason most translation group and -always rookie no matter how many works they've done-scanlations choose to use ufufufu in the first place is that they"unable to accept"this part of foreign culture which doesn't exist in english speaking cultures, but it's kinda w/e to me though. The thing that flipped my switch was a translation group that said " uhuhuhu sounds reatarded" (can't remember its name), combined with my friend told me there were more than 10 of big named gropus who say this too. So ufufufu was born from a hideous reason, yeah an english speaking-Japanese on ship8 even asked me "why do they translate it to Ufufufu?"once, I don't want to give him the answer…….. So Pleaseee LEARN(and accept) too.

  6. Uhm, male cast parts come directly from Samurai Troopers ;p, which is awesome <3.
    Can't wait for the new scratch to arrive :3.

  7. GUy I have question about the Saya Hime set the one will be on AC on Jan 14. Do that set will be like custom for Cast ( part to part) or for Non-Cast, or even for ALL RACE ? and other question what do you guy think how much it will be including from head to leg ( I mean everything on the Saya Hime series set). It is so cute

    1. We can only speculate about the set unless I missed something definite in the video. It's not even released yet.

      About the price, do you mean AC or meseta?
      -If AC then same price for costumes/parts as always.
      -If meseta then depends on supply and demand which are different in each ship.

    2. Saya-hime is more than likely just Cast parts, so based on what I can recall of average parts prices right now, I'm imagining the whole set (head, body, arms, legs) will probably run you ~1million meseta, give or take 100K-200K in either direction.

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