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Currently I am going through a busy work and class schedule, which is interfering with maintaining some parts of the PSO2es articles. To contact me directly concerning PSO2es, my Discord tag is (Spin Cycle#8595) and I will respond within 48 hours. Apologies for any missed or late updates, however the pace will return within the season. 



Emergency Quest – July 31st


The Empress of the Seabed awaits ARKS challengers… come and test your skill. Those who play on XH will have the chance to receive the new ★14 Twin Machinegun: Aletheia Sweep! If you want a shot at this weapon, you’ll need to stack SEVERAL XH Triggers.

Initiating the quest on SH or XH will change the boss’s elemental weakness. By clearing this difficulty, you’ll have the chance to acquire ★13 weapons!

Initiating or clearing an XH quest will give you the chance to receive Material Zero. You can trade in these items at the Exchange Shop for a ★13 weapon from the Arion Series.

You can learn more about the inner-workings of EQs by accessing the Emergency Quest guide.

Crazy Galactis (CV: Yurika Serizawa / illustrated by U-Uta)


Crazy Galactus (XH Reward)

  • Boost damage of Just Attacks [T-Frame]
  • Boost ATK by [x] with each consecutive Just Attack.


SH & XH Emergency Quests

Super Hard and Extra Hard Emergency Quests

  • SH and XH EQs are locked until they are opened with a [Trigger].
  • [SH Triggers] are found in the Bonus Scratch on ALL STAGES.
  • [XH Triggers] may drop after completing SH Emergency Quests.
  • [SH/XH Triggers] change the boss’s weak element each time you use them.
  • You can invite up to 50 people for SH and XH Emergency Quests.
  • Among the 50 people, up to 5 non-friends can be invited.
  • [XH Triggers] have a high chance to show up for the person who initiates the SH Emergency Quest.
  • You can use several [XH Triggers] to get a chance at better rewards.


SH Trigger Bonus Scratch
[SH Triggers] are available in the rewards of the BONUS Scratch

[SH Triggers] can be obtained by playing the Bonus Scratch. You can learn more details on accessing the Bonus Scratch by visiting the PSO2es Emergency Quest Guide.


[XH Triggers] can be obtained by playing Super Hard Emergency Quests. Players who initiated the quest will have a much higher chance of obtaining the Trigger than players who joined.


Both Super Hard and Extra Hard quests will display a lock icon until the quest is unlocked with the respective trigger. Press [はい」 on the confirmation screen to unlock the quest.

Super Hard Rewards

Participating in Super Hard Emergency Quests gives you the chance to receive the following rewards:


  • ①Boosts Fire element.
  • ②Deals extra heavy supplemental damage.
  • Trigger: Just Attacks
  • Duration: Normal

Rabbit Wand (Chip)
Rentaunum (Chip)

Super Hard ★12 Weapon Rewards

  • リグファーガン Rig Fargun (Assault Rifle)
  • リグファーシー Rig Farse (Rod)
  • リグセイガン Rig Seigan (Katana)
  • リグガイラー Rig Gaira (WIred Lances)

All-Elemental Resonance

  • The higher the sum total of all your elements (with values taken from chips and weapons), the more your weapon power increases.

Extra Hard Rewards


Crazy Galactis (CV: Yurika Serizawa / illustrated by U-Uta)

Crazy Galactus (XH Reward)

  • Boost damage of Just Attacks [T-Frame]
  • Boost ATK by [x] with each consecutive Just Attack.

    Material Zero (Trade Item)

  • Trade these items in at the exchange shop to receive 13 weapons!
  • You can receive them randomly by playing XH Emergency Quests.
  • You can also receive them from Achievements each time you initiate an XH EQ.

XH Aletheia ★14 Rewards (Elemental Resonance Attack & Skill)

  • ★14「Aletheia Lamina」(Sword)
  • ★14「Aletheia  Lancer」(Partizan)
  • ★14「Aletheia Sphera」(Rifle)
  • ★14「Aletheia Crys」(Wired Lance)
  • ★14「Aletheia Cousious」(Katana)
  • ★14「Aletheia Saxion」(Rod)
  • ★14「Aletheia Legan」(Knuckles)
  • ★14「Aletheia Sweep」(Twin Machineguns)
  • ^ (Use Several XH Triggers) ^

XH Raete ★13 Weapon Rewards (Elemental Resonance: Attack)

  • ★13「Raete Placis」(Jet Boots)
  • ★13「Raete Sagephus」(Katana)
  • ★13「Raete Lexio」(Bullet Bow)

Elemental Resonance: Attack (PSO2es Ability)

  • Increases the weapon’s ATK based on the weapon and chip’s element.
  • You can expect even more damage if the chip’s element is high and matches the weapon’s element.

XH Arion ★13 Weapon Rewards (Elemental Resonance: Skill)

  • ★13「Krieg Arion」(Talis)
  • ★13「Cadina Arion」(Double Saber)
  • ★13「Crahd Arion」(Launcher)

Elemental Resonance: Skill (PSO2es Ability)

  • Reduces chip costs of the element matching the weapon based on the weapon’s grind value.

Some ★12 Rig weapons will drop under this difficulty.



General PSO2es Update

Game Balance & Functionality:

  •  Added a new Specialized Chip system in which you can upgrade chips beyond natural limits!
  •  Added a new Weaponoid Point system to the exchange shop.
  •  Added Photon Spheres in the Excube exchange shop.
  •  Adjusted the loading process at the time of quest starting.
  •  Added Season 3 Chapter 5 Part 1.
  •  Added new Seiga Series Quest


  • Corrected the phenomenon that the quick menu would not be displayed when the screen transition was performed from the quick menu with items in the receiving box exceeding 300 when clearing various quests.
  • Made some corrections in the error code 903 that occurs in the specific procedure.
    Fixed the phenomenon that the motion continued when using a special move.
    We corrected the phenomenon that SE flows at the time of upgrading each time you raise the “Gaiden Gauge” and “Present Gauge” with the following chips:
    ・ Huey [TCG]
    ・ Huey [S-TCG]
    ・ Patty [TCG]
    ・ Patty [S-TCG]
    ・ Tea [TCG]
    ・ Tea [S-TCG]

  • Fixed the bug that “Connecting” would not progress when you left the quest after changing the equipment palette.
  • In the following chips, the text described in the ability, “Slightly extend the effect time.” Has been corrected to “Extend the effect time.”
    ・ Rico [premium]
    ・ Rico [S premium]
    · Luther · Void General Secretary Luther
    ※ There is no change in the ability effect.

    • In the following chip, the text “Absolutely increases the power of Just Attack”, which is described in the Abilities, has been corrected to “The power of Just Attack has been dramatically increased.”
      ・ Immediate Feather
      ・ Bio Sloque
      ※ There is no change in the ability effect.




July 31st Update

Akhtar looks really adorable in her swimsuit and seems to be enjoying her Sun-N’-Splash vacation on Wopal!

Chip Description

① Boosts damage by 125% against enemy elemental weaknesses.
SP: Boosts damage by 135% against enemy elemental weaknesses.
② Boosts PAs and Techs by 75%.
[Activation Trigger] Successful Just Attack
[Effect Duration] 25 seconds

Yasminkov 8000C [Summer Vacation]
Available until August 7th

① Increase power dramatically. [F-Frame]
② Further slightly boosts the effect of ① in boss battles and Tower Quests based on the number of Wind chips equipped.
③ Extends the effect duration when this chip is activated if a Wind chip is in this chip’s link slot.
④ Reduces the chip cost of Wind Photon Arts / Technics while this chip is equipped.
[Effect Duration] Long

Flow Razor
Available until August 7th

① Boosts elemental power by 155% + 10% x the number of Fire chips equipped.
SP: Boosts elemental power by 165% + 10% x the number of Fire chips equipped.
② Reduces CP consumption by 5% x the number of
Fire chips equipped.
[Activation Trigger] Successful Just Attack
[Effect Duration] 25 seconds

Amnesiac Girl Matoi [TCG]
過去を失いし少女 マトイ[TCG]
Available until August 28th

① Boosts damage by 27% each time you use a PA or Tech. (Maximum boost: 135%)
② Increases lightning element value.
[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Effect Duration] Long

Dream Master
Available until August 7th
▼▼ AC version of this esScratch ▼▼

① Greatly increases ATK.
② Heavily increases power for Fire, Lightning, and Light PA/Technic chips.

[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Duration] Normal

Personifier of Justice Hitsugi [Premium]
正義の具現者 ヒツギ[プレミアム]
Available until August 21st


.—{PSO2es Main Guide}—


July Exchange Shop

"Exchange shop special exchange item"


Scratch Item Exchange

Solid straight (CV: Moai Iwashita / illustrated by crab)

★11 Solid Straight (NEW!)

① Boosts damage by 90% + 2% x this chip’s
ability level in exchange for having a chance to [Burn] you every second.
SP: Boosts damage by 100% + 2% x this chip’s
ability level in exchange for having a chance to [Burn] you every second.
[Effect Duration] 70 seconds

Trade in 25 [AC Scratch Chip/Rappy Medal Scratch Chip].


Material Zero Exchange

Material Zero is a new reward you can randomly receive after completing an [XH] Emergency Quest. You can trade in these Materials at the Exchange Shop for a ★13 Arion weapon or ★12 Sub/Revolt unit.

Item Trade In
Arion13 (TBD) Material Zero x20
Arion ★13 (TBD) Material Zero x20
Arion ★13 (TBD) Material Zero x20
Arion ★13 (TBD) Material Zero x20
Arion ★13 (TBD) Material Zero x20
Arion ★13 (TBD)
Material Zero x20
Sub/Storm Revolt
Material Zero x20
Material Zero (x5) One PSO2es ★13 Arion Weapon

Weaponoid Point Exchange

Weaponoid chips can be exchanged for Weaponoid Points which can be used for more chips, Weaponoid stones, etc.


Elder Payne (CV: Fumihiko Tachiki / illustrated by crab panda)
★13 [Restrained Belligerent] Elder Pain

① Maximally boosts damage in exchange for taking more damage from enemies.
② Grants immunity to knockback and flinching.
③ While this chip is equipped, the equip costs of Dark PAs and Techs are reduced.
[Effect Duration] Long


Flower bowl (CV: Kowaka Wana / illustrated by Jaguar)
★12 [Flower Howling in Snow] Katen Rou

① Boosts power by 160%.
SP: Boosts power by 170%.
② Boosts damage by 25% if using an Ice weapon.
③ Increases your maximum Ice value by 30.
[Activation Trigger] Successful Just Attack
[Effect Duration] 25 seconds


Kushane Nebura (CV: Iida Tomoko / illustrated by Fu-mi.A)
★ 11 [Fated Encounter] Kuscha Nebula

① Deals an additional 70% damage to enemies.
SP: Deals an additional 75% damage to enemies.
② Speeds up movement and normal attacks by 30%.
[Activation Trigger] Landing an attack
[Effect Duration] 25 seconds


Type Obtainment Method Points
★10 chips Distribution, quests, etc. 1 pt
★11 chips Distribution, quests, etc. 2 pt
★12 chips Distribution, quests, etc. 3 pt
★13 chips Distribution, quests, etc. 10pt
★11 chips Rappy Medal/AC Scratch 20pt
★12 chips Rappy Medal/AC Scratch 50 pt
★13 chips Rappy Medal/AC Scratch 300 pt



Weaponoid Stone Exchange

Queen Vera (CV: Chiwa Saito / illustrated by Chris Narumi)
★12 Queen Viera
(20 Rainbow Weaponoid Stones)


Eternal Jewel Exchange

Sager Javelin (CV: Ayane Sakura / illustrated by Fu-mi.A)


Bloodspear Vlad Bram (x500 Eternal Jewels)

  • 170/190 [F-Frame]
  • 5% HP recovered every 9 seconds


Rare Enemy Chip Exchange

A unit called “Sub / Storm Rigid” comes with two abilities; Elemental Limit Break, and CP Limit Break.

Elemental Limit Break

  • Increases the maximum wind elemental value by 10 points.

CP Limit Break

  • Increases the maximum CP value by 20 points.

In addition, there are other units in the Recycle Shop that have the same Elemental Limit Break ability. However, these units boost their corresponding elemental values by 20 points.

For example, 250 is the highest Ice elemental value you can normally reach to. However, equipping the “Ice Reed” unit extends that Ice elemental cap further to 270 Ice.

You can pick these units up at the Recycle Shop by trading in 20 Rare Boss chips.

Item Name PSO2es Ability
Sub / Flame Lead
属性限界突破 炎+20
Limit Break Fire +20
Sub / Ice Lead
属性限界突破 氷+20
Limit Break Ice +20
Sub / Bolt Lead
属性限界突破 雷+20
Limit Break Lightning +20
Sub Storm Lead
属性限界突破 風+20
Limit Break Wind +20
Sub / Luminous Lead
属性限界突破 光+20
Limit Break Light +20
Sub / Gloom Lead
属性限界突破 闇+20
Limit Break Dark +20


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