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Eternal Tower

(February 28th ~ March 7th)

Eternal Tower is a special quest available for a limited time. The goal is to reach the top floor in the least amount of time as possible. The tower is composed of several blocks and each block contains three floors. Running through each block consumes 1 Operation Point (OP) which will slowly refill with time.

At the end of each block, you are given a one of three results based on your clear time.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Clear

Completing the final floor nets you rewards based on the total time spent throughout the entire tower. Feel free to repeat a block as many times as you please to improve your time.


Eternal Tower Main Screen

  • The left side of the screen shows your current progress throughout the tower.
  • The top right of the screen in yellow displays the # of floors completed.
  • The top right of the screen in orange displays your total time.
  • The right side of the screen lists each block you’ve unlocked.
  • Each block consumes 1 Operation Point (OP)
  • Each Block contains three floors.


Block Information Screen

  • Tapping on a block displays information on the left side of the screen.

エネミー情報 / Enemy Information

  • 弱点属性 / Elemental Weakness
  • 属性耐性 / Elemental Resistances
  • 攻撃耐性 / Attack Resistances
  • 状態異常耐性 / Status Effect Resistance

プレイヤー条件 / Player Condition

  • Specific conditions may be attributed to the player.

クリアタイム / Clear Time

  • The Gold and Silver clear time requirement for that block.


Prior to departure, you can tap the ブロック情報 button to recheck the resistances and weaknesses and other statuses within the current block.


Block Panel Screen

  • The timer will start as soon as you tap a panel.
  • Tap and search for the enemy panels to be rewarded with keys.
  • These keys can be found by defeating the enemies in battle.
  • Once the keys are found, tap the teleporter to advance to the next floor.
  • After all three floors have been cleared, the Block Results screen will appear.


Panel Types

  • Certain panels will reveal bonuses that are beneficial to you in battle.
テレポーターパネル Teleporter Panel Teleport to the next floor. Requires a key to unlock.
エネミーパネル Enemy Panel Battle Enemies.
Defeating the enemies rewards you with a key for the teleporter.
ボーナス 攻撃力10%UP BONUS ATK 10% UP  25% ATK UP. (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス 防御力10%UP BONUS DEF 10% UP  25% DEF Up. (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス HP上限10%UP BONUS MAX HP 10% UP  15% Max HP UP (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス CP上限10%UP BONUS MAX CP 10% UP  15% Max CP Up (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス CP回復速度10%UP BONUS CP Recovery Speed 10% UP  15% CP Recovery Speed (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス 全属性10%UP BONUS All Element 10% UP  15% All Element Up (Covers 1 Block)
ボーナス HP50%回復 BONUS 50% HP Recovery  Heals 50% HP (Doesn’t heal if already 100%)
ボーナス HP全回復 BONUS 100% HP Recovery  Heals 100% HP (Doesn’t heal if already 100%)
ボーナス フロアパネルオープン BONUS Floor Panel Open Opens unopened panels on the same floor. Panels opened in this manner are not yet acquired. You must touch the panel to acquire them


The Block Results screen will display after clearing the three floors. The rewards you receive will change based on your clear time. Be sure to aim for a [Gold Record]!

Eternal Tower Rewards

A variety of rewards and drops are available for those who participate in the Eternal Tower.


Gold Clear Time Rewards

Gold Clear Time Rewards (8m:19s)

Agito (Weaponoid Chip)

  • ① Increases ATK tremendously
  • ② Increases ATK dramatically when the player is under a status effect.
  • [Trigger] Just Attacks
  • [Duration] Normal

Silver Clear Time Rewards

Silver Clear Time Rewards (17m:49s)

Floor Achievement Reward

30th Floor Achievement

  • Eternal Jewel (x50)
  • Special Play Ticket (x5)

60th Floor Achievement

  • Eternal Jewel (x100)
  • Special Play Ticket (x10)
  • King Rappy Chip

Eternal Jewel Exchange Shop

Eternal Jewels can be acquired in the following manner:

  • Reaching certain floor milestones within the tower.
  • Receiving it as a random drop within the tower.

Eternal Jewel Exchange List

  • King Rappy Suit = 2000 Jewels
  • Agito Chip = 500 Jewels
  • Windmill Chip = 500 Jewels
  • Spike Dominacio (Knuckles)= 700 Jewels
  • Arch Dominacio (Bow) = 700 Jewels
  • Card Dominacio (Talis) = 700 Jewels

Partial Drop List

Weapon Drops

  • NEW ★13「ソードドミナシオ」(Sword)
  • NEW ★13「キャノンドミナシオ」(Launcher)
  • NEW ★13「シューズドミナシオ」(Jet Boots)

※Elements and Elemental Values are randomized.

Other Drops

  • Eternal Jewel
  • Weapons, PA/Technic Chips, Units
  • Meseta