PSP2i Demo: Photon Art Balance and Weapon Changes

Well instead of going through a magazine and waiting for Sakai to talk about it, we'll just go through the list of Photon Art changes that exist in the Demo. However, since the game is still in development the values shown here may change in the retail version.

But first a personal appeal from the Sakura wiki! (Yes they have that meme in Japan…) It appears the new Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Japanese wiki will be located at this website. They are still adding information to the wiki and many parts are incomplete. It should take a few months before everything is settled. The expected release of the Infinity Bible is at the end of March which should clear up some things statwise.

The Information provided below deals only with the information collected in the Demo. Some information is taken directly from the Japanese wiki.

Many Skills Boosted, Some Reduced.

Dus Skadd's nerf involves lower ATK / lower ACC / higher PP cost.

How the list works, the name of the photon art, the value it increased or decreased from Phantasy Star Portable 2 (Vanilla). The @LV is the current level of photon arts I have.

  • Swords: 
    • Grand Crusher: +10ATK:  @LV15
    • Gravity Break: +10ATK:  @LV19
    • Spinning Break: +15ATK  @LV16
    • Tornado Break:   +10ATK   @LV20
  • Knuckles:
    • Bogga Danga:  +10TK  @LV12
    • Ikku Hikku:  +5ATK    @LV19
    • Bogga Ranpa  +10PP   @LV14
    • Bogga Robado -20ATK @LV9
  • Spears:
    • Dus Skadd   -10ATK/-22ACC/+10PP @LV12 
    • Dus Robado  +10ATK    @LV 17
  • Double Saber:
    • Spiral Dance +5ATK  @LV17
    • Absolute Dance +20ATK/+10ACC/-20PP   @LV15
  • Axe:
    • Anga Grudda:   -10ATK @LV18
    • Anga Dugrega:  +20ATK  @LV12
    • Anga Jabroga:  +10ACC/-20PP @LV19
  • Twin Sabers
    • Splendor Crush +10ATK @LV16
    • Cross Hurricane +10ATK @LV15
    • Blade Destruction  -15ATK/-5ACC/+10PP  @LV12
  • Twin Daggers
    • Moubu Seiren-zan +10ATK  @LV19
    • Renkai Buyou-zan +10ATK  @LV20
    • Hishou Jinren-zan +10ATK @LV20
  • Twin Claws
    • Bukuu Rensen-ga +10ATK @LV20
    • Chueiji Tosshin +10ATK/+25ACC @LV10
    • Sougacho Sekka -10ATK @LV20
    • Rensan Senshou-ga +10ATK @LV6
  • Sabers
    • Gravity Strike: +5ATK @LV20
    • Spinning Strike: +20ATK @LV20
    • Infinite Storm: +5ATK @LV20
    • Rising Strike: +10ATK @LV18
  • Daggers
    • Buten Shuren-zan +10ATK @LV8
    • Hikai Shuha-zan: +25ATK @LV12
    • Shisoku Tenkai-zan +20ATK/-10PP @LV11
    • Shunbu Shouren-zan +10ATK  @LV20  **
    • **Wiki reports Shunbu PP reduced but I didn't notice any changes at that level.
  • Claws
    • Shousen Totsuzan-ga @LV19 170%ACC **
    • **Wiki reports Shousen ACC boost but I didn't notice any changes at that level.
    • Bukuh Saien-zan +10ATK @LV18
  • Whips
    • Vivia Danga: +10ATK @LV12
    • Vivi Dezza: +20ATK @LV14
    • Vissi Grudda +10ATK @LV15
  • Slicers
    • Choto Kantsu-jin +20ATK @LV19
    • Chikki Kyoren-jin +20ATK/-10PP @LV20
    • Retsuzan Souhi-jin +20ATK @LV7
    • Rekku Chouhi-jin  +30ATK/-10PP @LV19

In terms of Skills, Rekku Chouhi-jin received the greatest boost. Slicers, Sabers, and Whips benefited the most with PA changes.  Blade Destruction, and Dus Skadd got hit badly with a nerf. Blade Destruction and Bogga Ranpa received an increase in the required PP, which was likely done to hinder overusing the attack. At times you may find yourself unable to initiate the attack, however using races or abilities that speed up the PP recovery rate make this change less noticeable.

The Sword's attack speed has increased. The Axe hits two targets. The shield's attack power has increased significantly. For example, the Artemis Shield in PSP2 is 665ATK in the Japanese version. Now in PSP2i it rose to 1328ATK.


Technics PP Reduction

DamGrants nerfed in Tech power.

Unlike the previous list, technics below will display the current value that is used in the demo and not the amount increased or decreased.

  • Fire Technics
    • Foie:  7PP 170%TEC @LV20
    • RaFoie: 18PP 120%TEC @LV20
    • DamFoie: 5pp 87%TEC @LV17
    • GiFoie: 26PP 139%TEC @LV19
    • Shifta: 50PP @LV10
    • Jellen 30PP @LV16
  • Ice Technics
    • Barta 8PP 94%TEC @LV4
    • Rabarta 18PP  93%TEC @LV3
    • Dambarta 7PP 66%TEC @LV16
    • Gibarta 26PP 125TEC @LV15
    • Deband 50PP @LV10
  • Lightning Technics
    • Zonde 8PP 93% @LV8
    • RaZonde 18PP 111%TEC @LV16
    • Gizonde 26PP 135% @LV20
    • Noszonde 30PP 170% LV20
  • Ground Technics
    • Diga 30PP 170%TEC @LV15
    • Radiga 18PP 119%TEC @LV14
    • Damdiga 5PP 99%TEC @LV19
    • Gidiga 26PP 141%TEC @LV16
    • Nosdiga 34PP 114%TEC @LV14
  • Light Techs
    • Resta 60PP LV20
    • Reverser: 10PP LV18
    • Grants 18PP 99%TEC @LV9
    • Damgrants 6PP 70%TEC @LV10
  • Dark Techs
    • Megid 10pp 115%TEC @LV15
    • NosMegid 30PP 154%TEC @LV14
    • Megiverse 10PP 68%TEC @LVV8

As you can see, almost every Technic took a significant reduction in PP costs. Dam and Ra technics dropped in Tec% but they are still useful. The casting time has also decreased giving forces a much needed boost in DPS. The reduction in technics PP allows a force to rely on Technic damage without having to switch to melee weapons. However you will surely run out of PP if you keep spamming any of the 6 new techs.


Ranged PP Reduction

Gun Charge Shot I Charge Shot II
Rifle  30/190% 40/210%
Shotgun  20/170% 50/170%
Longbow  20/250% 40/200%
Grenade  50/210% 120/100%
Laser Cannon  50/200% 30/300%
Twin Handgun 30/150% 50/120%
Handgun  30/180% 20/Heals
Crossbow  30/180% 30/170%
Card 30/180% 45/200%
Machinegun 20/150% 40/160%

PP reduction across the board. Longbows see a significant increase in Charge I shot power. Crossbows  Charge Shot I also increases in power. Twin Handgun Charge Shot I power was reduced.

A ranger can use up to Lvl 15 Cards?

Something interesting  happened in the demo with Forces and Ranged weapons. Forces can now use Cards and Longbows PAs up to level 30. However as a ranger, your PA limit for Cards and Longbows is now capped at LV15. Everything else stays as is.


Dewman Infinity Blast Effects

Type levels unlock new features for a Dewman's Infinity Blast.

Each Battle type for a Dewman  has a unique Infinity Blast. Hunters receive Over End. Rangers receive Final Trigger. Forces receive Falling Star. Vanguards receive Blade Stream. When you advance battle type levels, you unlock new special effects to the blast.

  • Infinity Blast Levels
    • Type Level 11 ~ 20: HP Recovery*
    • Type Level 21 ~ 30: Reduced Charge Time
    • Type Level 31 ~ 40: Sleep Effect
    • Type Level 41 ~ 50: Blast Time Extended

[via pspo2iblog]

Though Sakai wrote HP recovery, the current form in the Demo is HP absorption.


Other Changes and Info

An ability (not in demo) exclusive for Hunters lets them knock down enemies with shields.

Some other aspects in regards to balancing has changed.

  • Humans get boosts in HP, Defense, Tech, Mind, and Stamina
  • Newmans get boosts in HP, Tech, Mind.
  • Casts get boosts in HP, ACC, and Tech
  • Beasts gets boosts in HP, ATK, and Tech.
  • Nanoblasts are invincible during use.
  • Light Mirage Blast: For about 30 seconds, PP is not used up.
  • EX  Trap Damage Formula nerf. The value changed from 2.6 to 2. 
  • Burst Bomber nerf, instead of increasing damage by 50%  it increases damage by 25%.
  • Dewmans at type LV11+ adds the HP absorption aspect to Infinity Blast attacks.
  • Support Characters may randomly give you Live Tickets (for musical tactical missions) depending on their race.
  • Some abilities can only be used by a certain battle type.
  • And more to this list will be added in the future.
<p class="pinkbar" style="text-align: center;"><strong>Type Level Abilities</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;">Type level ranges unlock new special features for Infinity Blasts.</p>       

    <li><strong>Infinity Blast Levels</strong>
    <li>Type Level 11 ~ 20: HP Recovery*</li>
    <li>Type Level 21 ~ 30: Reduced Charge Time</li>
    <li>Type Level 31 ~ 40: Sleep Effect</li>
    <li>Type Level 41 ~ 50: Blast time lengthened.</li>
[via <a href="">pspo2iblog</a>]

Though Sakai wrote HP recovery, the current form in the Demo is HP absorption.

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