PSP2i DLC: Gurren Lagann Outfits


 シモンコスチューム Simon Costume
Male Clothes and Parts
300 Yen


ヨーココスチューム Yoko Costume
Female Clothes and Parts
300 Yen


超電導ライフル Super Conductive Rifle
50% Light Rifle
200 Yen


  • Name: Reincarnation of Light and Darkness
  • Date: 7/21/2011
  • Boss: Dark Falz Dios
  • Area:  創生 Creation
  • Enemy: Stateria / SEED
  • Effects: EXPx1.50、Type Points x1.50、Attribute Granted+5


  • Name: The Voluptuous Divine Beast's Prize
  • Date: 7/21/2011
  • Boss: Yaoroz
  • Area: 秘境 Unexplored Region
  • Enemy: Neudaiz / Humanoid
  • Effects:  EXP x1.50、Attribute Granted+5、Reward Mesetax1.50

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