PSPo:2 Concept Character Artwork + TGS Co-Op Mission

A quick update, the Official Blog updated a little today to show off the default character artwork. The artwork team is lead by Mizuno Kiyokazu, whom apparently did the concept artwork for most Phantasy Star Online and beyond games.

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Producer Sakai also says, unlike PSP1, where partner machine outfits were the only new clothes added, Phantasy Star Portable 2 will have more than 50 new clothes and parts in addition to the default outfits.

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I don't know about you, but it kind of creeps me out seeing Sakai talk about Emilia's striped panties. He also blurred them out in the image.


Inside Lumia's skirt is _ _ _ + _ – _- . Use Katakana to figure this out.  One Japanese blogger guessed it should say "Black Garter." If you want to see the images without a mosaic, he hints towards the release of an art book but he wants you to request for it.


Tokyo Game Show Coop Mission

Sakai gave us some more details about a Cooperation mission, presumably a small sample of challenge mode. This mission will appear at TGS.

The details of this mission are listed below. However keep in mind there may be changes to this mission once the game is released.

  • Choose from one of 4 combat types (classes).
  • The mission starts when all 4 people are gathered at the gate.
  • There will be a time limit.
  • Level, weapon, and armor will be restricted.
  • You get to get up to 99 spots for revival items, so it's safe to die.
  • The mission is over once you are incapacitated.

I am unsure if this Co-Op mission is the same as the Collab mission that was mentioned a while back. According to Famitsu Magazine, challenge mission (mode) restricts level and equipment.

Sakai is really stressing not to spam Photon Arts. He wants you to get used to the  chain system and efficiently utilize the combo finish!

Fun Fan 2 update tonight! I'll post it up on youtube.

[via pspo:2 blog]

Old News 9/2/09 Game Share Trial

Shougai PSO found a store that says you can use PSP's gamesharing feature to give a nearby PSP a demo version of the main game. Read more information on the PSP's Game Sharing concept and how it works. There will be a demo some time in November.


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