PSPo2: Notes from Tokyo Game Show: Collaboration, Battle, Save Transfer, Snowball


Shougai PSO got a chance to listen to Dragon's Sakai's presentation at Tokyo Game Show. We learn some information that will please Phantasy Star Online fans.

Two Promo videos were shown, one of them was completely new. Next they announced collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment mascots, Toro and Kuro and had them appear on stage in a huge costume. Toro and Kuro Partner Machinery will appear in the game if you meet some specific requirements which they did not mention. They next played within PSO's forest. Along the way, the enemies: Savage Wolf, Barbarous Wolf appeared. Producer Sakai then officially announced a playable demo.




You can see the Partner Machinery here!

dragon sakai




We have some minor new information about battle. Pso-w member Mike recently received the newest Dengeki Playstation and wrote about some of the new stuff he found. Shougai PSO also added notes from the magazine. Here are a few other Battle Modes other than Catapult Jump.

  • Battle Royal
  • Blitzkrieg Death Match
  • No Wall
  • The Great Menace
  • Advance like an Arrow of Light
  • Who will hit the switch?
  • 13's Room

Battle mode is really extending the replay value of this game. It kind of makes you wonder why they didn't plan PSU with this in the first place. I'm sure PvP hardcore gamers will love Battle Royal and the Death Match. There also seems to be a race to hit a switch first!


Save Transfer

So we all know when you transfer save data from PSP1 you will get an exclusive item named Exam (Igzam) with 4 Effect Unit. For quite sometime we were unsure what "Effect Unit" meant, but atleast we have some more information about it.

Based on your character's class, you will  receive one of 4 unit effects.

  • Cosmic Particle
  • Brightness Circle
  • Whitill Wing
  • Flower Art

In addition the follow options of importing are available:

  • Character Import
  • Demo Save Data Import
  • Download Item Import



An unannounced snow field.

[via mike and shougai pso and dengeki and gamewatch]

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