Sega's Next 360 Action; Could it be Phantasy Star?

Sega uploaded a new teaser site about it's Next 360 Action. We don't know what it means either but we'll lay down some facts as it comes along.

URLから見えてくるものもある! ぜひ予想してみてください。

Today's countdown number is 9.
Something to be seen from the URL. Please expect it!

  • It is the next Phantasy Star because:
    • The image started with the number 10. The number 10 could coincide with PSO10th Anniversary
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 had a similar teaser site counting down to it's reveal.
  • It is not the next Phantasy Star because:
    • 360 likely means Xbox 360, having the next Phantasy Star console game exclusive to one console (especially not PC) isn't very practical.
    • It doesn't say "Action RPG" but it's very close. Most likely an Action based game. 
    • The last teaser site of this fashion specifically stated that it was a "New Rpg" 

The game was revealed to become a new VIRTUA ON, which I guess is somewhat cool for nostalgia lovers.



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