The World and Characters of Phantasy Star Zero

In our previous article we covered the weapons, now we'll cover the world of Phantasy Star Zero. Gpara released an article today giving a little more background into the characters, the races, and the world. They also cover some basics of weapons and their photon arts.

The Story of Phantasy Star Zero

Japanese Translation

Phantasy Star Zero takes place on a planet called "Earth." Two hundred years ago, an ancient civilization was wiped out after a great cataclysmic war known as the "Great Blank". It seemed as if the humans were the only remaining survivors. For many years, the humans went on to rebuild their civilization and rediscover the secrets to their past. However, they still had to deal with the constant threat of enemies. In order to oppose them, they discovered an ancient energy source called "Photon."

With this energy source they developed weapons to protect themselves from enemies.  Around this time as the world began to revive, an artificial life form called "Cast" buried in the ground awoke from slumber. The Casts went on to coexist with the human race. The story starts when a long forgotten race known as the "Newmans" began to descend down from the moon.

Official American Translation

Once, there was prosperity.

Three tribes thrived of old, and gave birth to Divinity.

Then, there was war.

The rift between god and mortal cut through the tribes like a blade.

Then there was desolation.

A vast emptiness, and nothing more.

Two centuries went by…

People survived, and pushed back against the edge of oblivion.

Until today…

In the middle of a bright sky, a shadow covered the moon…

and the forgotten ones swooped down from the heavens.

The Characters of Phantasy Star Zero



A skillful "Hunter", he can be seen as a friend you can depend on. He often takes the role of a big brother. Voiced by Nobutoshi Canna.


Born from the forgotten race, very gentle, very inquisitive, does not hide her joyful emotions. Her eyes sparkled the first time she descended from the moon. Voiced by Kozue Kamada.



Ogi is a mysterious cast who's head was found by the party. His whole body was eaten by a hostile enemy. He is very interested in researching the past, though he is very serious, sometimes he will make a strange remark that will surprise everyone. Voiced by Tetsu Inada.



Reve acts as captain for the Newmans who descended down to the earth. He is very elitist and looks down on both humans and casts. Previously, he saved Sarisa from an enemy's attack. His relationship with Sarisa is only as an acquaintance, they don't seem to be friends. Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.



Dairon is the head of Dairon city and a representative of the Hunters Guild. Though he may be a fine gentleman, he acts mischievous at times. He is really concerned about his thinning hair. Voiced by Banjo Ginga.



A mysterious newman who appears on the moon. She does not seem to be an enemy. She'll soon reveal shocking secrets! Voiced by Ai Maeda.


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