Toro And Kuro and Freedom Wars Collaborates with PSO2

*ニャックル (Nyackle) [Knuckles]

February 12th marks a hefty new update that features a collaboration with Doko Demo Issyo and the release of a second United Festival bingo card! Booster items plus a Toro & Kuro knuckles camo are among this bingo's list of rewards.


The Toro Kuro Nyau will appear, donning clothing and weapons based on Sony's feline pair. Upon defeat, he can drop themed weapon camos for TMGs and Jet Boots.


Toro NPC Feb 14

Vita players can complete brand new Toro & Kuro client orders for a limited time to earn experience and meseta!


Black Nyack

Black Nyack

Something new is coming to the Casino on February 12th. Get ready for Black Nyack, a new casino card game that supports up to 5 players. Earn Casino Coins by getting your hand as close to 21 without going over!


Black Nyack Hit Stay Double Down

If you're unfamiliar with the basic rules of Blackjack, please take a moment to read them below.

Each player will be given cards, the value of each card in their hand is added up for the initial score. If the score is 21 or less, then the player is presented with a list of choices. They can choose to HIT the dealer up for another card. Or if they're feeling confident or don't want to take any chances, they can choose to STAY and refuse additional cards.


Black Nyack Win

If they've chosen to HIT, they'll receive another card whose value is added onto the original score. If the player's score exceeds 21, then that player BUSTS and loses the game. However, in the end, if the player manages to get a score that's closer to 21 than the dealer's hand, then they win the game!


Special Card Black Nyack

Certainly, even with the above traditional rules, Black Nyack doesn't play exactly like the original. For one, there's a special card whose number changes based on a dice roll.


Battle Bonyas

Then there's the Battle Bonyas, an event where you can earn a BONUS by achieving the highest scoring hand at the table. This event occurs at random, but its chances increase when several players are present at the table.


Evo Device NyauMesetaliburn

Accompanying this update will be new prizes at the Casino. Players should save up on their Casino Coins to purchase the [Evo Device / Nyau] and the [*Mestaliburn] weapon camo.


Casino Adjustments

  • The difficulty of [Mesetan Shooter] will be relaxed and the number of coins lost upon catching a bomb will be reduced.


The Ocean Menace

The Ocean Menace

The Ocean Menace is a new emergency quest taking place in the Floating Facility. The quest features an assortment of Oceanids and Avian Darkers, along with an intense battle when Bal Rodos, Rheo Madullard, and Nepto Cassadora appears.


Rampaging Malice, Chaotic Tranquility, and The Ocean Menace will all support Extra Hard difficulty. Play these quests for the chance to receive new ★11 and ★12 items. 


Seven Eleven Collaboration Campaigns

711 FUN Shop 2

The Seven Eleven Oracle Store will be returning, stocked with brand new room items like the Chinese Dumpling Warmer and the Refrigerated Goods Shelf.


711 Room Items 2

Players can receive item codes for 7-11 uniforms and fun tickets by playing Sega Lucky Kuji at participating Seven Eleven stores across Japan. In addition, players who participate in the [Real United Festival: Stamp Rally] can receive 7-11 themed [Zelsius and Zamlord] costumes, as well as a 7-11 themed [Arkuma Suit] with [Arkuma and Arkmami plush] room items.


711 Zamlord & Zelsius
ゼルシウス711 (Zelsius 711)
(Zamlord 711)
ゼルシウスヘッドギア711 (Zelsius Headgear 711)
ザムロードガーダー711 (Zamlord Guarder 711)
711 Costumes
セブン‐イレブン制服2M (Seven Eleven Uniform 2 M)
セブン‐イレブン制服2F (Seven Eleven Uniform 2 F)
ニャウスーツ711 (Nyau Suit 711)

Million Years Prisoner

*荊 (Thorn)

Our Freedom Wars collaboration will feature the iconic Prisoner-issue outfits. You can also dress up as your favorite Sony mascots with the collaborative Toro and Kuro suits. Afterwards, why not head out for an aquatic adventure in the new Seabed themed costumes and parts!

Prisoner-Issue Male Clothing
咎人囚人男性服 (Prisoner-Issue Male Clothing)
Prisoner-Issue Female Clothing
咎人囚人女性服 (Prisoner-Issue Female Clothing)
Kuro Suit
クロスーツ (Kuro Suit)
Toro Suit
トロスーツ (Toro Suit)
Seal Marina
シールマリーナ (Seal Marina)
Whal Marino
ヴァールマリーノ (Whal Marino)
リファシル・シリーズ (Reefacil)
ギャレオス・シリーズ (Galeos)

Costume and weapon name suggestions are welcome.


8 thoughts to “Toro And Kuro and Freedom Wars Collaborates with PSO2”

  1. The prisoner outfits look good. Kind of wish they made the male outfit as sexy/unique as the female one though. I think we have enough "long pants and jacket" outfits for guys already. ._.
    Is the thing hanging off the back supposed to be a tail or wire loop or something?

    1. It doesn't actually seem to be a part of the original outfit from the Freedom Wars game. Looks like a modification.

    2. Its a part of "prisoner-issue clothing". I can only assume that its a stylization of a prisoner leg chain.
      If copyrights are anything to go by, they won't be able to alter them in PSO2.

    3. I actually hated them so much that I wore the pre-order formal suit until I was able to get the military jacket. I just felt so stupid like I should be tripping over these things, and instead they just stretched and stretched.

    4. it's faux-bondage subculture stuff. how to fall on your face when you run in one easy lesson.

      and maaaan. those floatplant outfits and cast parts… are so terrible. I don't think they've done an area themed outfit set that I straight up hated like this before; guess there's firsts for everything.

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