Weapons and Mags Coming Soon to Phantasy Star Online 2

4gamer updated with a brief rundown on things to come in PSO2.  It's not a lot of new information but at least you will get to know the names of weapons and mags. Today we'll take a brief look at things coming up later in PSO2.

Sakai also updated this morning with much of the same information that was updated this week. In summary, he released new images of enemy weapons, mags, and photon blasts coming up some time after the Pre-Open Beta Test.  You can obtain enemy weapons by killing specific enemies. You may have seen most of these very briefly in the recent fan briefing.

Unfortunately, not all of these weapons shown below are available from the Pre-Open beta test. They, along with new enemies and fields will be added sequentially as the game continues onwards.

When the official game starts, as your mag reaches level 100, it will evolve into its third form. In their second form you've only seen "specialized type" mags. However, when they evolve to their third form, you may see them evolve into their "combined types."

Starting next week, any game magazine and website can update at any time with the latest PSO2 news!


New Weapons

Cruel Coffin [Gunslash]
Made out of solid ice; emits an ice cold effect.


Bouquet Rifle [Assault Rifle]
At first it looks like an ordinary bouquet, but it's actually a lethal rifle.



Bifros (sp?) [Rod]
A rod that resembles an ice crystal.


Vol Scale [Sword]
A large sword from the scales of Vol Dragon.


Malmoth Fang [Wired Lance]
Made from the fangs of the Naberius native enemy, "Malmoth"


Rust Device [Partisan]
A spear from the Planet Lillipa


Ragne Answerer (sp?) [Partisan]
A long spear reproduced from the composition of Dark Ragne's data


Dinia Rod [Rod]
A rod recovered from the Dragons of Amduscia.


Dinia Launcher [Launcher]
A launcher created from the shields of the Dragons of Amduscia.


Rappy Fan Fan [Talis]
Throw cute imitation rappy feathers!
We'd never use real rappy feathers… Never…


Fanblum Series [Unit]
A unit composed of sword shaped wings.
It raises striking and light attribute resistance.


 The 3rd form of mags!

After the official release, when your mag passes over level 100, it evolves into its third evolution. There are two main types of mags; the specialized types consisting of "striking" "ranged" "tech" and "ability" and a combined type.


Cygnus (キグナス)


Apus (アプス)


Caelum (カエルム)


Cepheus (ケフェウス)


Tucana (ツカナ)


Carina (カリーナ)


Corvus (コルブス)


Crux (クルックス)


Leo (レオ)


Monoceros (モノケロス)


Orion (オリオン)


ライブラ (Libra)


ドルフィヌス (Delphinus)


 Item Codes and Pre-Open Beta Schedule

You can input item codes in the Pre-Open Beta Test. However, since data is reset once the test is complete, you will have to type them in again in the Open Beta test. (In the Open Beta Test, your game data will transfer over to the official release.)

For those waiting for the pre-open beta test, we'll announce the schedule and billing charges next week.


As for today's porori images, it's Helix and Ajax photon blast concept artworks!

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