What's inside the Phantasy Star Online 2 Game Room and EXCUBE System

On October 20th, Sega hosted the "ARKS Party," the first offline event for PSO2. In addition, Sakai and Kimura unveiled the grand opening of the "PSO2 ARKS Briefing Room" located at Space Create BIG BOX Takadanobaba in Tokyo.


This room hosts four play spaces each equipped with an Emperor 1510. It's a futuristic computer workstation that provides near total immersion with its strategically placed speaker system and motorized height-adjustable monitors to let the player feel like they are in the center of a cockpit. Estimated to be 840,000 Yen or $10,500.


You can adjust the seat and monitors to your viewing pleasure.


In conjunction with Sega's partnership with Dell, the Emperor 1510 features an Alienware Aurora ALX with Nvidia GTX 680, 8GB of RAM on a 28 inch LCD at the highest settings.

Pricing Scheme:

  • 1 hour: 500 Yen
  • 2 hours: 980 Yen
  • 3 hours: 1,100 Yen

Generally you'll have to make reservations, but you may be able to get in on the same day as long as it's not booked up. All players will receive Net Cafe points and have premium set access for the entire gaming session.


During the interview, Sakai said he'd like to do more events like player meetups and feedback sessions. He'd also like to hold a nation-wide event too.

As for future plans, November kicks off with the "Destroyer of History" update, expect to see the Ruins area with the Zeshreida boss. Though they can't give the full details yet, near the end of the year, the first climactic thing may come to visit the world of PSO2.

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Destroyer of History (November 7th)

At the end of the event, Sakai showed an advanced screening of the trailer for "The Thing which Destroys History" update coming in November. (We'll call it Destroyer of History for short.) It introduces the "Ruins" area on Planet Naberius where many Darkers inhabit. Scattered across the field you can see objects called "Grim Monolith."

Grim Monoliths Details

  • Grim Monoliths are those pink and blue monuments scattered across the Ruins field. They aren't just mere decorations, they amplify the Darker's power, or specifically, it "amplifies evil." When the monument is corrupted by Darkers, it powers up all Darkers nearby.


Also they revealed the "EXCUBE" system so that when you reach the level cap, your EXP  does not go to waste.  You'll trade the EXP you gain at the level cap for special items like "PB Device / Ajax" and "Rear / Rappy Feathers." You can now trade those photon drops you've collected in the "Photon Drop Exchange Shop" for items like devices, weapons, and units. This news will be officially released to the public sometime soon. (It appears this shop takes the place of the old location of the Tekker Shop in the Alpha/Beta.)


Destroyer of History Logo


November Update details

  • Updates on November 7th
  • EXCUBE system: Allows you to spend your experience points you gained after the level cap. Some things listed in the shop include "PB Device / Ajax" and "Rear / Rappy Feather" and 10 star units. You cannot get EXCUBE if you are at level 30 or level 40 level cap.
  • Trade items with Photon Drops, you can spend it on things like devices, weapons, and units.
  • At the end of the year, the story's climax begins "Counter Attack against the Arks" and something "Dark Falz.." like.

Pricing Scheme Preview

In the latest Dengeki and Famitsu Magazine, the pricing schemes for the Photon Drop Shop are listed below, though this list is incomplete.

Photon Drop Exchange Shop

  • 1 Photon Sphere = 10 Photon Crystals
  • 1 Photon Sphere = 99 Photon Drops
  • 1 Photon Crystal = 10 Photon Drops
  • 5 EXP+25% = 1 Photon Sphere
  • 1 EXP+75% = 1 Photon Sphere
  • 3 Food Device Striking Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device Ranged Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device Tech Mini = 2 Photon Spheres
  • 3 Food Device DEX Mini = 2 Photon Spheres


  • 3 Rare Drop Boost + 250% = 2 Excube
  • 1 Grind Success + 30% = 1 Excube
  • 1 Add ability success + 30% = 1 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix P = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix I = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Helix N = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax P = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax I = 10 Excube
  • 1 PB Device / Ajax N = 10 Excube
  • 1 Rear / Tiltwin γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Arm / Titastin γ = ???? Excube
  • 1 Leg / Destren γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Rear / Brostol γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Arm / Bristea γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Leg / Breasn γ = ??? Excube
  • 1 Rear / Rappy Feather = ??? Excube
  • 10 Star Unit with Lucky Rise Attached = ??? Excube



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