How to Download Games on your Cellphone without a Data Cable


You may not have a Nintendo DS or a Playstation Portable, but that doesn’t mean you are forced to play those cruddy games on your cell. All you need is a WAP browser, a data plan, and your set to go. Make sure to read the extra notes at the bottom of the post.

1. First you need the Jar file of the game. You can either get these from your cellphone (but that means you’ll need a data cable) or search through google to find a Java Midlet or Jar file of a certain game. There are plenty of sites that do that or you can head over to Howard Forums. Of course remember its at your own risk and copyright and other crap. Read Extra notes on the bottom.


2. After you’ve found your Jar files, you’ll need to upload them somewhere. My favorite site for this is Rumkin Sprint Uploader. Don’t let the Sprint fool you, its just a name. Select the area for Java Midlet Uploads and you can send an email to your cellphone or just get the site code.

Other Sites include:
lumine | mobilephoneuploader | mindfullmusings

3. If you didn’t opt for the text message email, type the web address given to you at the uploaded page. Then type in your Jump code. Other Phone Uploading sites go by this format through jump codes. When it finishes downloading, run the game and see if it works.

Extra Notes:
Your phone must be able to run JAVA applets or the games won’t work. Choose games that will run on your phone. Samsung games will not work on Motorola Phones. Watch out for screen size and resolution. First find out the screen size for your phone in pixels. Then download the games that will run on that screen size. If you choose a screen size larger than your phone’s resolution, the applet will display an error message. Sometimes you can get games for other phones to run on your phone. These are called adapted games. They have been shrunk or enlarged to run for your screen size.