How To Link Screen Names on Aim 6.9

I’m not sure why this is the most frequently asked question. You can sign on 2 or more screen names by doing these simple steps. This method works in Aim 6.x series only. Aim 5.9 has different steps. Mac Aim 4.7 users will not be able to link screen names. Please read the last paragraph on which program you should get.

How to Link Your Screen Names in Aim 6.9

  • Click Edit
  • Click Settings
  • Click Buddy List
  • Click Manage Linked Screen Names


Link screennames in Aim 5.9

  • Click My Aim
  • Click Manage Linked Screen Names

Some of you may experience an error message saying your screen could not be linked. If this happens change the password for the screen name having the problem and try again. If you forgot the answer to your Security Question, you won’t be able to change the password. Also note, there doesn’t seem a way to link screen names on Mac version of Aim. Instead Mac users should try Adium to sign into multiple screen names at one time.