AIM Weeworld Problems and Issues

Not many issues arise with Weeworld Icons but they still persist. Support for this product is scarce and often times hard to find. So here’s a little breakdown on how to fix some of the problems you might have.

You are not Eligible to Create a Weeworld Account

If you receive the message that you are unable to make an account or that you are not eligible to create a Weeworld Account, it means that you are under the age of 13. Once you are 13 years old this message will no longer appear.

How to create an Aim WeeWorld Icon
–Navigate to the Website
–Follow the Steps, when your done push Finish.
–After you choose your background you MUST push APPLY
–You will be redirected and it will be applied as your icon.

Lets briefly explain the problems that users have with Aim Weeworld. First and foremost you must install Adobe Flash in order for it to work. You can download Adobe Flash and click Get Adobe Flash Player. If you tell your browser to block flash scripts it will not load. Also, Aim Weeworld uses Javascript, so you must also be able to run Javascript to let things work correctly.

Keep this in mind, Aim Weeworld Updates around a major holiday or month. This is when the majority of issues arise as your icon gets reset to something else. For instance, my icon gets reset to a man holding a baseball. You can still fix your icon several ways.

Changing Icon back to WeeWorld Icon.
–Simply navigate to
–Go Through Each Step and reselect the same features.
–Click Finish and Click APPLY.

Now if this worked correctly your icon should change back to your Weemee, but some of you will see your icon show up blank or with a red X. Resetting the icon is the only option.

Resetting your Weeworld Icon
–In Aim 6 series, click Edit > Expressions
–Under your Buddy Icon Click Reset
–Under your Buddy Wallpaper Click Reset
–Navigate to Aim Weeworld again
–Go through the steps again re-applying
–Click Finish and click APPLY

This should reset your icon to a weeworld icon. Unfortunately there are more issues.

Can’t See Weemee Icon
Install Adobe Flash at Install Viewpoint Media Player at and Restart AIM.

Aim 5.9, Trillian, Adium, Aim Express, and Aim for Mac will not see interactive weemee icons.

New Colors are Bad!
Another scenario for your weeworld icon is when a new color gets added to the pallete. This doesn’t seem to affect skin color, but it does affect clothing colors and hats. Now some of you will just see a new color on your weeworld, while others will get their icon reset again. Here we’ll have to go through each and every step that applies to colors, and select the original color you had for that particular clothing. After your done click Finish and Apply! If it doesn’t work you’ll have to start from scratch and click “The Basics 1-4″, and redo everything again in addition to resetting your Icon.

Weemee shows Green Eyes bug! [NEW!]
If your weemee shows Green eyes instead of the color you chose, you may have to start over on creating it again at the first step. If the problem still persists contact Weeworld Headquarters about this bug, and ask them to fix it.