How to Create Windows Live Messenger Emoticons

Here’s how you can make WLM emoticons, no photoshop needed, but you do have to find gifs.

This will teach you two ways, if you want a more customized emoticon, follow the Hard Way. No Photoshop Needed!







Creating Emoticons [Easy Way]

1. Find an Animated Gif. You can search on Google for some.

2. Save the Gif file.

3. Open Windows Live Messenger

4. Click the Drop Down (Show Menu) Next to Minimize, Maximize, and Close

5. Click on Tools > Emoticons > Create

6. Find the Gif You just Saved

7. Fill out the name and text and your done.


Creating Customized Emoticons [Hard Way]

This is if you want a certain part of the emoticon to show up, like a face, or some part, so it appears much clearer.

1. Find an Animated Gif. You can search on Google for some.

2. Save the Gif file.

3. Upload the Gif to tinypic, photobucket, or another image hosting site. Save the Direct Link because you will need it.

4. Go to SmileyGenerator.

OK now here is what’s going to happen. Depending on the animated GIF file you have, you need to make the gif much smaller than it was before. The best tools are the resize and the crop tool. It can take a bunch of tries to get it right, but if you use the alternate crop tool, you will have no problem getting what you want.

4. Click on Alternate Crop Tool

5. Use the boxes to crop the image, you want to make it sort of small so that it will fit in Windows Live Messenger.


6. After you do that press Crop. A Popup Window should pop up, make sure you allow it the popup to open or you will not be able to save your cropped image.

7. Save that picture to your computer.

8. Open Windows Live Messenger, click Show Menu > Tools > Emoticons > Create.

9. Open your Cropped Gif, and your done!