Deleting an AIM or AOL Screen Name Account


Many people ask if its possible to cancel or remove your AIM or AOL screen name and account.

Depending on which account you have, you may or may not be able to completely cancel your account




If you have..

  • A Free AIM Account: You MIGHT be able to cancel.
  • A Free AOL Account: You WILL be able to cancel.
  • A Paid AOL Account: You WILL be able to cancel.


Cancelling your Paid AOL Screen Name

  • Head over to Cancel AOL
  • Look for “Cancel My Billing” on the right sidebar
  • Press Continue.


Cancelling your Free AOL Screen Name

  • Head over to Cancel AOL
  • On the sidebar, click on “5.How do I cancel my free member account” 
  • In the message box that pops up click the blue link that says “here”
  • Click on Cancel on the next page.
  • Be sure to checkmark “…you do not want your account to be converted to free
  • Alternatively download the AOL Cancellation Form (mirror) and follow it’s instructions.
  • You can mail the form to:
    AOL LLC, PO Box 65100 Sterling, VA 20165-8800


New method of Cancelling your AIM screen name

We are currently testing a new method of cancelling your AIM screen name. According to commenter Mike, there is a website which details instructions on terminating your AOL account, it seems this might also apply to AIM screen names. Head over to AOL Termination UK and follow the instructions there. If you sent them an email and can not login to your AIM account after five days of waiting, post back in the comments section.


Fake “Cancelling” your Aim Screen Name

  • Open AIM 6
  • Click Aim then Sign Out (If your Online)
  • Click on a Screen Name
  • Uncheck Remember Me
  • Uncheck Remember Password
  • Press Delete On your Screen Name

For Aim Users only: If you followed the first step, your screen name will now be removed from Aim’s drop down list. However, there are few important things you should remember. Screen names will eventually become deactivated due to inactivity. This means you should never log into the screen name at all. This includes checking Email and posting on AOL’s message boards. Each time you sign on, you initially reset the clock for the screen name to become deactivated.

Another way to getting your AIM Screen Name deactivated is a bit more nefarious as it requires you to do a Terms of Service violation. Essentially once you have done a Terms of Service violation your account will most likely become suspended and nobody will ever be able to sign on or use it again. This is until AOL dumps the inactivated and suspended screen names, which can take years before its placed back into rotation. Most of the time this never happens for suspended screen names.