The Rising Son on Adult Swim Is About…

Jesus! That’s right, it’s some sort of live action sitcom or maybe dramedy about Jesus. The show premiered last night, or should I say this morning at 5 am. I stayed up to watch this thinking it was an anime, and I’m pretty disappointed.

This is no Veggie Tales

The show starts off with Joseph (it sounded like Judd, I was too tired to pay attention) and Mary. Mary’s last name is censored out in the opening  and ending credits. Mary wants Joseph to tell Jesus who is true father really is. Joseph is reluctant to do so and basically lies to Jesus.

Joseph wants Jesus to work in his business of carpentry making furnishings for people’s homes. Joseph convinces Jesus that his true destiny is to become the messiah of home furnishings.

Jesus appears on the show in a brand new form. He’s not the extremely skinny Jesus like on South Park, nor is he muscular, he’s chubby! He looks very much like a slacker, but with white robes.

Mary Magdalene appears on the show as a conjoined twin. Both Mary & Magedleline believe they would become the next Messiah.

There is a podium where anyone can stand on and preach what they believe in. If the audience boos them, they get stoned. A black woman first stepped up and preached how we should be nice to one another and she gets booed. Mary & Magdalene walk up to the podium to preach about reflexology, how the soles of your feet can tell your life’s history.

Are you serious?

Yes this show is pretty weird, I can see why they put it on at 5am. I think the funniest line in the first episode is when Joseph says to Jesus something along the lines of, “Of course your the Messiah, everyone around the world will want to know about your select comfort and low prices!”

The preview for the next episode actually looked more interesting than the show itself.