Playstation Vita $249.99 Wifi or $299.99 3G Model

The NGP is now called Playstation Vita. The term “Vita” signifies “life” and as such, this concept is brought about with its social network and location based gameplay features.


For the social aspects of Playstation Vita, there’s Party, which lets gamers voice chat with headsets or with Vita’s built in microphone. A social connection tool called Near lets you connect and play with others around you, recommend content for them, compare trophies, and a variety of other social tools.

Playstation Vita will connect exclusively with AT&T for it’s 3G model. This allows customers to have access to free AT&T WiFi hotspots across the country.

With Uncharted for Playstation Vita, they demonstrated how you can control Drake by using the multi-touch OLED screen. For example, you can drag your finger along the rocks on a ledge to tell Drake where to climb. When in a gun fight you can tap the weapon icon to reload, or tap weapons nearby to switch to them.


In another game called Ruin, it contains a feature called Cloud Saving where you can save your progress on the Vita and load the game from your Playstation 3 and play exactly where you left off.

Playstation Vita will also allow cross-platform competitive online gameplay with both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita gamers at the same time.

Playstation Vita is currently priced $249.99 for the Wifi model and $299.99 for the 3G model.

Expect games like Street Fighter X Tekken on Playstation Vita.