king scan

Tales of Xillia Famitsu Scan Reveals the King

Today’s new scan of Tales of Xillia shows the proposed antagonist that was revealed in the video. Here’s what we know so far about him.


King ナハティガル ・I ・ファン

King Nachtigal I Fan, voiced by Yoshitada ÅŒtsuka, is 52 years old. La Sugal’s King who follows an autocratic style of leadership called “World Unification.”

Originally he was one out of three princes up to take the throne. Though it was unlikely for him to take that position, he somehow put down an internal insurrection between them and  took the spot. During his youth, he was part of the army, and he has won many battles.



イバル (Ival? Eval?) voiced by Showtaro Morikubo. He’s 16 years old. For shrine maiden Maxwell, he worked as Milla’s steward taking care of her since his childhood. He’s very intelligent and his sense of justice is strong. Though lately he feels his job  was robbed by Jude. (Haha funny!) He is well versed in martial arts with two hand sword fighting. He does not seem to be a party member.


Shop Build System

Not only can you buy and sell items but now you can “develop” products using this new system. This is done by using materials you’ve found while playing the game. Each material has a set growth point, and the shop level increase as you gather growth points. With this method, products will reduce in price and new products are sold. While you are in towns or fields you should search for these points using the 360 degree camera. [screenshot here]