Tales of Xillia: Nachtigal, Ivar, and Shop Build System

Some new Tales of Xillia screenshots came out today featuring Nachtigal I Fan and Ivar.

Nachtigal I Fan (52 years old) is La Sugal’s king, running an autocratic style of leadership with the intent on unifying all of Liese Maxia. Originally he was one out of three princes up to take the throne. Though it was unlikely for him to take that position, he somehow put down an internal insurrection between them and  took the spot. During his youth, he was part of the army, and he has won many battles.

Gradually his self-righteous inclination increased, and in his later years, he pressured the cities of his kingdom with military power. He put a firm step in letting others obey his policies.


Ivar is 16 years old. His family served under “Shrine Maiden Maxwell” for generations within a village dedicated to her. He takes pride in servicing the Shrine Maiden, he’s been her steward ever since his childhood. However, he arbitrarily concluded that Jude robbed him of his position as Milla’s caretaker, and whenever possible will rush to her assistance. Though his sense of justice is higher than average, he tends to become short tempered and elitist.


Tales of Xillia has “search points” where along your adventure you can find items by opening bags or discover them in various places.


When a player approaches a search point, the camera will draw attention to the place you should search. When they collect the item, the search point will disappear, but after some time, the search point will reappear. However, the respawn area is randomized somewhere around the original location.

Tales of Xillia has five kinds of shops, a thrift store, weapon shop, armor shop, decorations shop, and restaurants. Using the “Shop Build System” you can further the development of these stores. By selecting the “development” option, you will deliver raw materials or gald to further enhance the items sold within the shop.


Each item category listed requires a certain amount of growth points. As you deliver materials or gald, the shop’s level will increase and the store will sell new items and existing items at a cheaper price. In addition, each item category also has a bonus, as depicted in the screenshot above. If you deliver that specific material listed in the icon, it will have double the amount of points towards improving the shop.


At level 1, only one weapon was sold, but now at Level 43, many items are sold!

The shop build system affects shops in all towns, so there’s no need for you to worry on building each and every shop from scratch in the game.

[via 4gamer]