Tales of Xillia: Over Limits and New King Character

Ok we’re back with Tales of Xillia news, with some previous news we missed due to all that Phantasy Star Online 2 information popping out. Famitsu has just released clearer screenshots on their site.


Over Limit

While you are in Link Mode, (this is where two characters are linked together) as you attack enemies your gauge gets filled up. When the Link Artes icon appear you push the R2 button to perform the arte together. However if you let the gauge fill to MAX, you switch to Overlimit mode. This allows you to fire  Link Artes and Other Artes in quick succession, in addition you can perform a link artes chain.


A screenshot of the link artes chain.



Gaias is 32 years old voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu. His character appears on the top right corner of the main box art. He is the king of A Joule, the northern portion of Liese Maxia. With his god-like fighting ability and charisma, he was able to unify different tribes. This let him establish the federation nation of A Joule.