PSPo2: Fun! Fan! 2 The sequel: PvP Battle Mode, PSO Enemies

fun fan 2

HAIIII! Gurhal Channel 5 PSP Special

Fun!Fan! is hosted by Producer Dragon Satoshi Sakai. He is joined by Yui Ogura, a 14 yr old idol. She previously mocap'd in another game known as Hatsune Miku Project Diva. (Your Collaboration thinking caps should be on so tight by now…)  Yui is cosplaying as Hal, and Arisa Noto, who is a part of the “Hello! Pro Egg“ is just there for the lulz.

This time the video goes over the methods of how to strafe and use a charge shot. You have to press down triangle for quite some time before charge shot can be used.

Three step Technic

triple step technic

three step technics

They briefly go over the three technic attack! The casting animation reminds me of Rogue Wikko. Your character kind of spins around as them, but they do not cast as quickly as Wikko does.

Techers seem to have a godly PP recovery rate. Even after casting 3 technics in succession, the PP bar is completely full.

Mirage Blast

mirage blast

Mirage Blast pretty much looks like an SUV. The Canna Mirage Blast acts almost exactly like Paradi Cataract except that it's lightning. It looks like Mirage Blasts can also tally up the chain combos. Chain Combo is based on the amount of successful normal attacks and the combo will finish if you attack with the triangle button.


New Field

new area2

The video also features a new never before seen area!

Opposite Element Effect

battle effect

Ground vs Lightning. Rocks scatter as you hit!

When you hit enemies with the opposite element, there will be a new animation applied to each hit. In this case, ground element saber hitting a lightning enemy causes rocks to appear!


Guess the Enemy

guess the enemy

Do you know who I am?


Battle Mode: Catapult Jump

battle fight

Catapult Jump and Fight to the death!

Dragon Sakai and Ariso Noto battle to the death with Catapult Jump Battle Mission! Players are equipped with a shield and a saber, plus they are all level 1, so this should help balance the feel of the mission. In the first  part, they seem to only fight in the circular area but once Arisa dies, Sakia continue onwards.

multi player battle mode

Phantasy Star Portable 2: Battle Mode!

The second part of the Battle Mode mission had players acquiring energy poles by standing in the round circular areas for a few seconds. You gain 100 points for each energy pole you acquire. You can also steal another team's energy pole. After you are done you will jump around and destroy a tall pillar that prominently displays the other team's color. To slow you down, the mission has extremely large enemies who can kill you and holographic walls placed conveniently in front of the bases you are to destroy. The opposing team may also kill you along the way.

 Youtube and Battle Mode Youtube

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Show Panties = 1st Place!
Blog Updates

Congratulations to Dragon Sakai! He has reached 1st place in Ameblo's game ranking because he mentioned Emilia's panties.

  • Circle Button = Urgent Evasion
  • Pushing in an Analog direction + Quickly tap Circle Button = Urgent  Evasion
  • Pick up items and keys with circle button.
  • (Note: Apparently Japan has Circle button assigned to pick up items)
    (In North America, the functions of Circle and X are switched)
  • Guarding and Just Guard is R button
  • Charge Shot is holding Triangle Button.
  • Shortcut Order is Select Button in Story Mode
  • Shortcut Message is Select Button in Multi Mode
  • Pressing L + Up Directional Pad = First Person View (2 Confirmations by Mike [pso-world] + Banken)
  • Be sure to decide who in your party will use Chain Combo Finish!

PSPo:2 Concept Character Artwork + TGS Co-Op Mission

A quick update, the Official Blog updated a little today to show off the default character artwork. The artwork team is lead by Mizuno Kiyokazu, whom apparently did the concept artwork for most Phantasy Star Online and beyond games.

Click for Larger

Producer Sakai also says, unlike PSP1, where partner machine outfits were the only new clothes added, Phantasy Star Portable 2 will have more than 50 new clothes and parts in addition to the default outfits.

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I don't know about you, but it kind of creeps me out seeing Sakai talk about Emilia's striped panties. He also blurred them out in the image.


Inside Lumia's skirt is _ _ _ + _ – _- . Use Katakana to figure this out.  One Japanese blogger guessed it should say "Black Garter." If you want to see the images without a mosaic, he hints towards the release of an art book but he wants you to request for it.


Tokyo Game Show Coop Mission

Sakai gave us some more details about a Cooperation mission, presumably a small sample of challenge mode. This mission will appear at TGS.

The details of this mission are listed below. However keep in mind there may be changes to this mission once the game is released.

  • Choose from one of 4 combat types (classes).
  • The mission starts when all 4 people are gathered at the gate.
  • There will be a time limit.
  • Level, weapon, and armor will be restricted.
  • You get to get up to 99 spots for revival items, so it's safe to die.
  • The mission is over once you are incapacitated.

I am unsure if this Co-Op mission is the same as the Collab mission that was mentioned a while back. According to Famitsu Magazine, challenge mission (mode) restricts level and equipment.

Sakai is really stressing not to spam Photon Arts. He wants you to get used to the  chain system and efficiently utilize the combo finish!

Fun Fan 2 update tonight! I'll post it up on youtube.

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Old News 9/2/09 Game Share Trial

Shougai PSO found a store that says you can use PSP's gamesharing feature to give a nearby PSP a demo version of the main game. Read more information on the PSP's Game Sharing concept and how it works. There will be a demo some time in November.


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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site: Mirage Blast, Crouch, Lumia, Fanta!

Today the official site updated, we'll go into more details later on in the day, but at least for this time we can see characters up close and personal! Most of the information posted on the official site has been pretty much covered already. Take a look at the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Category if you missed any news.


"I have no connection to my older brother!!"
"I am.. I am.. LUMIA you know!"
"My older brother has nothing to do with me!"

Mirage Blast

During the past three years, technology from an ancient civilization was discovered and developed into what we know as "Mirage Blast". A mirage blast allows humans and newmans to summon a mystical beast. Mirage Blast acts similar to an SUV, in that you equip it as a "unit".This beast is summoned once your blast gauge is full! Each mystical creature represents one of the 6 elements in Phantasy Star Portable. However, only 4 of these beasts will be revealed for now.



Nui: A creature that attacks in front of you.


Konl (Conl)


Konl: A creature with a ranged attack in a straight line




Canna: A creature with a ranged attack from the sky!




ToiToi: A creature who attacks in a circular range.

Triple Technic Attack

Forces can now attack with three consecutive technics! The casting time is shorter so now you'll be able to attack just like the fighters. Also, technics with multiple hits and area of effect will have the same effect on bosses. For example; Rafoie would hit 3 areas.

three step 2threestep1

Triple Technic Attack!


Shortcut Order

Shortcut Order are specific commands you can send to your NPCs. Each command tells the NPCs to focus on a certain area.

  • Free Order (Fight anyway you please..)
  • Attack Shift (Let's focus more on fighting and less on recovery…)
  • Shoot Site (Let's focus on distanced shooting and long range techs…)
  • Heal Order (Let's focus on healing and recovery, less fighting..)
  • Follow Shift (Stay close to me!)
    (Shoot at a distance with guns and techs.)
  • Blast Charge (Let's focus on charging the blast gauge to its maximum!)
  • Blast Release (Release your blast gauge!)

shoot order

Shoot site! NPCs will shoot and cast long range technics.

attack order

Attack Shift! NPCs will attack more often.

Lumia + Crouch


Kraz Muehler, (VA: Keiji Fujiwara) the gun toting bearded beast gunner! He is 34 years old. Crouch is the man who supervises the private military company “Little Wing.” He is the person in charge of protecting Emilia, but shows a lack of motivation and abandons his responsibility.  He was once a notorious criminal it seems…

crouch meullar



Lumia Waber, 17 years old. Lumia is still a member of Guardians, she works in the investigation division. She is Ethan Waber’s (who is known as a hero) true younger sister. Though her older brother is respected, she wants to shrink back the weight of her name, (or you could say she is disgusted/embarrassed by how popular her family name is.)

serious lumia
  Lumia is all serious now!

fire lumia
Lumia on fire!


Fanta Promotion

Sega Nerds covered the promotion with Fanta which we previously mentioned. We'll cover this in depth later on.

Fanta and Phanta! A Dream Collaboration! Phantasy Star Portable 2 will be promoted on Fanta soda labels.


Yuto Grape!


Emilia Orange!

In exchange, Sega has placed "Fanta" room items within the game, they are obtainable with a special password. These codes will be available at the Fanta jp website.

Speculated Types

Shougai PSO checked the source code of the website and found the names of the classes (types) featured in the game. This is not an official confirmation but it's highly likely these classes will appear in the game.

  • Hunter
  • Ranger
  • Force
  • Braver

Blog Updates


  • Not only will you receive the "Fanta" can strap at the TGS2009…
  • You will also receive this lovely Phantasy Star Portable 2 guidebook.
  • Its a 16 page pamphlet, condensed with all the information released so far.
  • They would like you show it to your friends and tell of your amazing experiences you had at TGS.
  • Sakai says, there are even more collaboration news to be revealed.
  • Terada keeps mentioning how his scape dolls are used up when fighting PSO's Dragon.
  • Is this a hint that the PSO dragon may appear as a boss in this game?
  • In the opening movie, the dragon looks extremely similar to PSO's.


Emilia Goes Shopping? (An Event Graphic)

This image features the "Mizun/o" styling.

It gives the character models more of a cel-shaded look.

You probably may have noticed this in the Opening Movie… PSPo2 CD!

It looks like if you order from, you will get an "Original Picture Label" and a Special CD! Don't know what the contents of the CD is but it sure is special!


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