The First ★13 Units Arrive in the Form of the Schvelle Series!

~ October 2nd, 2019 ~


Jet Boots Complex PA

Kick up a storm with the new [Tempest Raid] Complex PA for Jet Boots! Follow up its rapid stun strike by hurling a series of circular shockwaves at your foes, or propel forward and deliver a high kick by shifting.


★13 Schvelle Units

The first ★13 Units have arrived, and can uniquely be given S-Class Abilities in addition to unit skills. Like weapons, it is possible for them to drop with an S-Class Ability pre-installed. Otherwise they can be added at the Item Lab using a special material. Additionally, you can transfer them to another unit of the same rarity.

  • Rear Units: S6
  • Arm Units: S7
  • Leg Units: S8


Zieg will carry the ★13 Schvelle series units in his shop. You'll have to trade in a Cleasis unit and 30 [Schvelle Boosters], the latter of which can be acquired through Buster Quests and Enchanted Forest Exploration. Cleasis Boosters can also be exchanged for Schvelle Boosters.


Episode 6 – Chapter 3

As an A.I.S unit commences an operation to assail the occupied Mothership, a lone Shiva comes forth to halt their advance.


See what Klariskrays and Ko Rera are on about, check on Kyokuya's sweep of Darkers, and meet Pietoro's latest pet in a series of new sub-stories.


Oracle Function 2019

Commemorate the October 7th premiere of the PSO2 Episode Oracle anime series with a new Web Panel Event! Repeatedly clear the target quest to earn points towards unlocking panels. Make sure to participate and enjoy all the wonderful prizes we unlock.


Trick or Treat 2019

Hostile creatures are making a mess at the site of this year's Halloween celebration! Take to the Quarry and mop them up with the help of some well-placed energy tanks and mounted guns. Deos Gryphon is waiting in the final area, and can drop the ★15 [Shiho Seiryu] wired lance. Remember to slip on a Halloween costume for a "Costume Bonus" PSE effect that slightly increases the experience and rare drop rates.


Get out there and hunt for the new ★14 [Sign Burn] gunslash and Latan Rappy Suit Mini costume that can drop during the quest!


Not one to miss out on the Halloween fun, Xie makes a return to the lobby. Help with her preparations by clearing her client orders and receive weapons badges as compensation.


An all-new set of limited time ARKS Missions arrives with awesome prizes, including Leontina Certificates and a [V Hunter] evolution device for your Mag.


The Trick or Treat '19 collections add the [Glorious Parfait] wired lance and have ★14 S Eggs.


General Additions & Improvements

Daily Order Adjustments

The reward for the [Run: Buster Quest] Daily Order has been increased. In addition, new [Run: Ultimate Quest] and [Run: Emergency Quest] Daily Orders will be introduced.


Top Selling Item Search

View a listing of the most popular My Shop items from the Visiphone.


Options Menu Revamp

The Options menu will sport a cleaner design, along with the addition of a dedicated window for explaining the specifics of each setting.


Character Limit Extension

The max number of characters one can have per account has been increased to 30.


Preset Character Redesigns

The preset character designs available during creation have received a makeover.


Mouse Camera Speed

Fine-tune the camera speed when using a mouse with a new setting.


Special Collection Addition

The ★14 Sign Burn weapon will be included in the Special Collection.


New Potential

The following weapons will support the [Plus] potential, unlockable with an Ultimate Booster:

  • Demonia Saber
  • Demonia Blaster
  • Demonia Feather
  • Gilde Girola
  • Gear Experience
  • Dual Bird
  • Gilles Weihen


Sgt. Frog Collaboration

Sgt. Frog collaboration items are heading to the Recycle Shop 2!


Persona Battle

The [Encounter Persona] story event from Episode 1 is now a playable quest, featuring a battle against Persona!


Balance Adjustments


  • Special Bullets will no longer disappear when switching weapons with "Bullet Keep"


  • Adjusted the appearance of the Phantom Markers

Tech Charge Parry Skill Ring

  • You can now Just Guard any number of times during the duration of the effect.


Bonus Key Recycling

Any five Bonus Keys with an expiration date of October 2nd, 2019 (@14:00 JST) or later can be traded at the Recycle Shop for a single Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold].


Halloween Star Night (AC Scratch)

Treat yourself this Halloween season to two boo-tiful new outfits inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood! Then work off all that candy with new gym themed layered wear.


24 thoughts to “The First ★13 Units Arrive in the Form of the Schvelle Series!”

  1. Just great, more f*cking Hero support now that Demonia weapons have a "Plus" potential as well, as if reducing the amount of Hero Boost loss by half and restoring Hero Boost upon a counter and with Schvelle unit having an S-ability EXCLUSIVELY for Hero wasn't enough. I only see hero becoming more repulsive as time passes. Anyways, leaving my anti-hero bias aside, I lowkey want an upgrade/improvement for Austere as a whole, like giving Austere a changeable unique potential by using a certain amount of "X" Boosters and giving it at least a 10%+ dmg boost it rightfully deserves, also the units need an improvement, 12* is technically the same as 11* units, same def stats, same hidden stats, and same set effects, with the exception of ring slots, not to mention that Austere is the weakest set of the "15* sets"

    1. Hero Doesn't Have their own ★15 so why the hell not?
      I like Hero, It's a fun class for me alongside with Summoner and Phantom (My main Favorite Classes)
      And Hero Boost Got Reduce by Half upon receiving damage and Restore it back by couple of Counters,
      It's just fair compare to Phantom Because Since detonating Phantom marker is already a damage Nuke each time you detonate it anway,
      I see it as a fair adjustment What so bad about it?
      I don't really see a Solid reason for you to be anti-hero if you don't like the class just drop it don't talk about it ignore it, There's no point to be salty about it
      Other Classes Got a hella Weapon Every couple months anyway
      And Successor Classes has to stick with Their Own Weapon Series Because That's how Successor Classes works…
      So what the point of complaining it now? Other classes are like Have their own unique traits and gets New weapons Every Fricking months
      Successor classes on the other hand Better Stick with Their own Weapon Series
      Austere Needs improvement, Yes, i do agree on that, But there are better Weapon Choices You could choose anyway
      S-ability EXCLUSIVELY for Hero? If that's true Just wait till they released New S-ability for units… How long would it take 2 years?
      Just let they take their time lad Don't rush it's doesn't make you feel any better just Relaxed

    2. i didn't wanna make you Mad at me so let me say it clearly
      You just need to ignore something that doesn't goes in your way
      Because that's life! You may not like Hero but many people like it because people have their Taste in their life so just let them be, And stick at what you like the most so you can be happy with people in society, or Community, (’ ・ω・)b

    3. Sorry to say it BLAZEKIDZ, but Austere unit is officially dead. No more improvement, just get over it and get new one. If you said Hero repulsive, then why not said Phantom also repulsive too?

      The new Schvelle unit is more powerful than the current lightstream unit, it's a matter time to replace it. It's same hp (+100) with more all atk (+75) and more def (+394), but less pp (+12) than lightstream unit.

      Good thing to those player had stay play on Ep.5 done tons BQ EQ got many stone exchange. It's easier to get if done the previous 7th anniversary badge exchange got all 3 Evleda units. Or get unit in BQ, or exchange BQ badge 500 get Evleda unit each.

    4. Dude can u shut up abd stop crying… If you dont want heroes to out damaging you that why do t u just get good instead of crying to other people? And also… NO ONE CARES

    5. @BLAZEKIDZ – As a French guy, I find Michel Audiard famous quote "I don't talk to morons, it educates them" particularly appropriate here. (⌒▽⌒)

    6. ATKH, unfortunately for me, you are right, Austere has infact been dead the moment Gix made their first appearance and on, Austere won't be getting an improvement now nor ever. It's a reality that I have to face whether I like it or no. As for PH, I lowkey like the class better, as for HR is just IDK, too repetitive, I guees, but in the end all classes are including PH, but at the same time they don't feel that way.

      Okay, let's say I'm a moron, but what would make a person that replies to a moron? a retard, perhaps? Just to get it clear, I am no keyboard warrior and I very much like to avoid problems.

      As for you, Melon and XRos, yeah I need to be more calm and just play what I like and ignore the rest. I love GU to death, but seeing how much GU has been nerfed and HR being helped more and more just immensely triggers me.

      Peace out, Y'all

    7. did you even played as hero since UH implemented? every attack is a 60% damage boost gone for Hr because UH enemies hit like a isekai truck with 1 minutes rebuild time of the boost, also with Demonia potential implemented i doubt it will be as good as normal 15*, at most it will only become Hr Boost battery in case you got hit then change it back to clearly better weapon like atlas ex or chaval. not to mention new unit SSA didn't stacks with demonia weapons. all recents buffs give hero a better playing experience yet not fixes the main problem that is the fact that using HP treshold as damage source is a really bad idea

      also find it weird why you got triggered by other class getting buffed while its not like yours is nerfed or anything. just be gratefull that means overall EQ time will be cleared faster, seasonal will be more spamable along with faster runs. also austere weapons being the weakest out of 15* is correct BUT in term of damage output only. its main charm is 15* stat modifier with versatile options of potential. your class using too much PP? go with nemesis' potential, need boost of PP regen? pick slave's potential.
      both of those potential also comes with survivability bonus for flaky classes like Ph

    8. LOL u make ppl who use austere like myself look bad dude..
      just so u know austere exist like 3 years already.. i who afixing austere at that time already won a ton compared to ppl who afixing their zeinesis/qliphad..

      i dont really think they need to boost austere again just because i am using it.. upgrading evleda is a fair choice.. but judging from how fast content come out this year.. i believe none will really care to really afix their unit like in previous era.. probably ppl will only use some mild afix from now on.. so they can just move on whenever new content comes out..

      and hero is not top op.. like how their 1st time release.. since all class already boosted enough to the point u can compare them with hero.. so u will nvr find all lobby hero ancident anymore..

      the only class/weapon that need few boost must be "bullet bow" the banish combo take too much time.. knukle also not very rewarding compared to ds..and few nerf to gu while making chain applicable with others weapon..

    9. Lol do you even play here? Did you see its damage compared to Phantom? Why don't you shut up a little? Hero's damage is crap now compared to Phantom. 1st use Hero, after playing hero comment about it.

  2. Better ? Slightly more atk. Less PP. Bad s abilities. Slightly more def. I will personally wait for newer ones.
    This guy's not wrong though. I don't like the way sega is heading with those "advanced class". It's alright, in some months it'll be etoile meta anyway. No need to get mad. I will still have fun in the game with my affixed lightstream and won't suffer much than someone having shvelle affixed.

    BLAZEKIDZ, I think you start seeing this game as something else than a game. I'm personally having fun with bo/ph. I don't like hero or phantom, and I personally don't care if people are playing them. Sure they're dealing damage easier than me, but I had no fun playing as one of those 2 classes. My favorite weapon is jet boots, and i will carry on playing with them. No plan on playing something else, unless I have to level etoile to sub it to bo, like i did for ph.

    1. ALICEWINI, it's just beginning, it will add more new ssa unit. Since it has hero ability ssa, means there will be other class ssa as well.

      When the 1st ssa weapon altas 14* out, not many people like it because less ssa option. Soon getting more ssa more option to customize. You still need these ssa unit for storage others ssa units to transfer.

      And who knows, maybe these schvelle has ssa saf unit, or use as easy fodder upsloting

    2. It does not matter to me, it will become relevant in months or so. Maybe there will be even better 13* units by the time it becomes really useful.. Which would be a waste of ressources & time considering the fact that i'm buying those tech/pp add capsule to people, and not scratching for them. I will still convert them to 13* and store them after the update, since I happen to have the mats for it… But I don't plan on affixing it yet; not worth the trouble seeing how low my luck is in this game, and the reasons mentioned above. Also, I need the PP that lightstreams units gives. I can't play without it now; became addict to PP and lightstream weapon's potential.

  3. I wonder when SEGA will add the animated Episode 6 intro to this game. Some people even forget that we are on episode 6 instead of 5.

    BTW Alma's new costume looks hot.

    1. They said winter, but no specific date. The next PSO2 Station will be on October 5th and they will have a place where people can test it, like they did with Phantom last December. Maybe they'll give the specific date there.

  4. The schvelle will not be just for hero what gave you that idea
    i no longer main successor classes but no point and don;t assume schvelle for hero only

  5. I never find in the announcements when they nerf the classes, I would love to get all classes de-nerfed, and a level/difficulty adjustment for that increased power from the enemies would be best
    The all parry adjustment is an excellent thing, at least they are polishing some details in the game

    1. You must do the Complex PA Client Order from Koffie

      You'll unlock all the Current PAs and the future ones.

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