Music Discs

IMGJP NameGlobal NameTradableSource
Dive into the WorldDive into the WorldCampaign
戦いの歌 ~Against fate~Song of War: Against FateSG Scratch
弔いの歌~The beginning wind~Song of Mourning: The Eternal WindSG Scratch
Skill InstructionSkill InstructionSpring '22
(SP Scratch)
Ordinary LifeOrdinary LifeSpring '22
(SP Scratch)
Trainia – Cocoon – stand-byTrainia - Cocoon - stand-bySpring '22
(SP Scratch)
Flare – Renus RetemFlare – Renus RetemSG Scratch
Growl from the Blazing Sky – Nex AelioGrowl from the Blazing Sky - Nex AelioSG Scratch
Dark Falz – Second InvasionDark Falz - Second InvasionSG Scratch
Trainia – CocoonTrainia - CocoonSG Scratch
Trainia – TowerTrainia - TowerSG Scratch
First BlowFirst BlowSG Scratch
Aina's DecisionAina's DecisionSG Scratch
Uphill StruggleUphill StruggleSG Scratch
Wing to radianceWing to radianceSP Scratch
希望色のグラティチュードGratitude in the Color of HopeSP Scratch
Growl from the Blazing Sky – Nex VeraGrowl from the Blazing Sky - Nex VeraSG Scratch
Formidable GigantixFormidable GigantixSG Scratch
Winds of Aelio – Day ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
Winds of Aelio – Night ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
Vanford Laboratory RuinsN/AItem Code (JP)
Resol Forest – Day ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
Resol Forest – Night ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
Halphia Lake – SceneryN/AItem Code (JP)
Mt. MagnusN/AItem Code (JP)
Retem Atmosphere – Day ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
Retem Atmosphere – Night ViewN/AItem Code (JP)
North Retem – Night – SceneryN/AItem Code (JP)
Retem AlnotheN/AItem Code (JP)
Inside the Rwh MaqeadN/AItem Code (JP)
Trainia – Trinitas – Stand-byN/AItem Code (JP)
Trainia – TrinitasN/AItem Code (JP)
ユーイ&ポポナのARKS Radio#1N/ACampaign
ユーイ&ポポナのARKS Radio#2N/ACampaign
ユーイ&ポポナのARKS Radio#3N/ACampaign
ユーイ&ポポナのARKS Radio#4N/ACampaign
Uphill Struggle – Pettas VeraUphill Struggle - Pettas VeraRefined Form 5
(SG Scratch)
BlinkBlinkRefined Form 5
(SG Scratch)
ReverberationReverberationRefined Form 6
(SG Scratch)
Prologue to the New Defense BattlePrologue to the New Defense BattleRefined Form 6
(SG Scratch)
Stack BlackStack BlackMelty Blood Style
(AC Scratch)
Resurrection BeatResurrection BeatMelty Blood Style
(AC Scratch)
Disciplined SpaceDisciplined SpaceMelty Blood Style
(AC Scratch)
Moonlight of ReunionMoonlight of ReunionMelty Blood Style
(AC Scratch)
Waiting RoomWaiting RoomMelty Blood Style
(AC Scratch)
A Leader's DignityA Leader's DignityRefined Form 7
(SG Scratch)
Ice CrushIce CrushRefined Form 7
(SG Scratch)
ムゲンのキセキMugen no KisekiTitle Reward
レアドロ☆KOI☆恋! ポポナ ver.Rare Drop☆KOI☆KOI! Popona ver.Title Reward
リトルハミングLittle HummingTitle Reward
透明な心臓が泣いていたToumeina Shinzouga NaiteitaTitle Reward
Trainia Advance – CannonballTrainia Advance - CannonballRefined Form 10
(SG Scratch)
Soaring Bright LineSoaring Bright LineRefined Form 10
(SG Scratch)
Awoken from PermafrostAwoken from PermafrostRefined Form 9
(SG Scratch)
Exhilarating RunExhilarating RunRefined Form 9
(SG Scratch)
Frosty IncarnationFrosty IncarnationRefined Form 8
(SG Scratch)
FloWarrior – Ams KvarisFloWarrior - Ams KvarisRefined Form 8
(SG Scratch)
Undefeatable (feat. Kellin Quinn)Undefeatable (feat. Kellin Quinn)Limited-time Task
Kronos Island 3rd MvtKronos Island 3rd MvtLimited-time Task
Cyber Space 2-6 Transparent HighwayCyber Space 2-6 Transparent HighwayLimited-time Task
I'm Here (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)I'm Here (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)Limited-time Task