PSO2: New Genesis – Roadmap

June 2021

Official Launch

Aelio Region
Six Classes
Level Cap: 20
Gigantix Enemies

June 2021
July 2021

PSO2 9th Anniversary Event

Japan & Global Web Panel Event
First Elemental Weapons

July 2021
August 2021

New Class: Braver

Mining Rig Defense
Aelio Deluxe Package

August 2021
Fall 2021

New Class: Bouncer

Trigger Quests
NGS Mission Pass
Title System
Mag Evo. Device Share System

Fall 2021
Winter 2021

NGS Large-Scale Update #1

New Region
New Class Skills
New Techniques
Level Cap: 35

Winter 2021

1 thought on “PSO2: New Genesis – Roadmap”

  1. NGS Large-Scale Update #1: New Region, New Class Skills, New Techniques, Level Cap: 35

    Hmm…that's a nice update gonna be…I just hope, that New techniques gonna be not just addition of one single-target and aoe tech for dark, light and wind elements, but instead additional techs with different use and DMG%

    and would be nice to get more PAs as well…a bit sad to play with 3 PAs per weapon :>


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