NGS SG Scratch: Refined Form 2

Refined Form 2
(Available until 5.18.2022)

Lobby Actions

  • 808「ヒツギポーズ+」 | 808 "Hitsugi Pose+"


The items listed above (with the exception of "Long CAST Ears") will be removed from the lineup after the next SG Scratch update.


  • Mo「待機:読書」 | Mo "Idle: Read"
  • Mo「待機:後ろ手2」 | Mo "Idle: Hands Behind Back 2"


  • St「ロッサ:よくやった」 | St "Rossa: Great"
  • St「リューリン:どんより」 | St "Liu Lin: Gloomy"

NGS Music Discs

  • Dark Falz – Second Invasion
  • Trainia – Cocoon

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times 男性共通エンガボイス
Male Enga Voice
10 times 女性共通ヒツギボイス
Female Hitsugi Voice
15 times エンガショートヘア
Enga Short Hair
20 times N-Ability Success Rate +20%
25 times
Punkish Hair
30 times Mo「ダッシュ:エアースライド」
Mo "Dash: Air Slide"
40 times Refined Form 2 Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
40 times Refined Form 2 Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※The Refined Form 2 Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this SG Scratch.

14 thoughts on “NGS SG Scratch: Refined Form 2”

  1. I don't understand why they make outfit with shoes and without shoes as different items. They could just add an option to hide shoes or whatever in the layering wear option. It's not like there's a lot of shoes to choose from either, are there?

  2. They're need to fill up a line. Whole Reined Form scratches are one big scam to make playerbase buy SG which overpriced like hell. I can understand AC/SG course like 1/5 but not how is it now, complete rip off tho.

    • why would buy SG if they're giving it for free? There's a whole bunch of way to obtain SG specially in legacy. You'll see players have lots of SGs like 10k, and you'll see player earn 800+ SG per month for free. There' literally no reason to buy SG unless you can't wait to have something on the scratch, you are rushing, or need to get stuff on mission pass?

  3. Because
    any small detail can be used to pretend it's more outfits, hence "more" content like an "entire" new sg scratch with so many similar items.

    Just with the Hitsugi like hair which looks almost identical to the old Hitsugi undone hair we got years ago in og PSO2 but is an entire new item.

    TBH I don't get why Hitsugi, I don't mind but it's not like she'll be around 1000 years after the PSO2 og story and appear in NGS.
    If, then maybe Xiera or Xiao at most.

    …then again, your character also arrives in some kind of life capsule so maybe it's some kind of cryosleep or whatever…

    • Well if you look it up, SG scratches lineup from now on will feature player voted items. They're doing NGS spec revival of PSO2 items and they make the players vote for them, like the top 10 of each category or something will make the cut. Notice how it was Sophis and the Bunny outfit which were quite popular back in PSO2; the Hitsugi OU is next on the line so they decided to revive everything related to that outfit.

  4. Y'all looking at this too negatively. They separated some parts of the set to different items so that you can use em for other presets you make. I for one am happy they made the boots separately, so i can use it on other costumes I have.

    • And you're looking at this too positively. To think the jerks from SEGA are doing this for the greater good and not to fuck the players like they've been doing non-stop since the release of NGS is unbelievably naive.

    • Don't worry bud, I agree with you. We get the impression that pso2 community is supportive and positive because of people like the bumped team or the ones that have been working on translating the game, or the ones who make maps for us, but then you take a look at the comment section on fan made websites and see how they are filled with entitled people acting like the game was suppose to be made exclusively to satisfy their every need, and when they don't get what the want, they act like children who didnt get their christmas gift this year. It's not naive to see things positively, its actually pretty smart, cause you get to enjoy the game and have a great time, instead of constantly whine on the internet. I hope one day people will be able to see just how much their negativity is harming their entertainment of this game, but I wont hold my breath. Now, as for this sg scratch, 1. im not an expert in character design, but i would bet that sega would have to create two skeleton joints for the same costume if they put the option to hide the boots instead of making a different costume, because the boots would alter your height. 2. I also support the idea of costume variations like these, or like Fascino Diavola [Ba], whose feet look like a starfox snes enemy spaceship, i didnt buy the costume because of it, but if they re-release it without the feet i would. 3. I personally dont like the costumes in this scratch, but i know they were voted for being popular, which means a lot of people like it, so I would wait for the next one that i might like and not sabotage the fun of the people who liked it. 4. SG scratch used to be released in between 6 months, now we are getting updates to it every month, I didnt count, but we are probably getting about the same amount of content/per update if you add them up, so hopefully people will stop projecting their lazyness at the company. "omg its been almost 5 minutes since stellar graces has fallen where is my map to guide me by hand on where to go >_<" And lastly, why not quote a wise old man named Iroh here "If you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see."

  5. You are arguing over clothing that, technically, you can get for free from achieving task titles and searching for red boxes, and login bonuses.

    You want to talk "jerks" of sega? Go back to PSU when the killed the PS2/PC servers, said the xbox servers were going to catch up to the Japanese servers, and then shit down the Xbox servers like 3 months later.

    Sega has done so much more for the online phantasy star series in the last 10 years, I'm honestly shocked over it.

    But yeah, clothes. Jerks. Sure. Gotta complain about something.


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