PSO2: New Genesis – Roadmap

January 2022

Winter Update

New Year's Decoration
Revival Scratch
Winter Event World Trial

January 2022
February 2022

New Emergency Quest

EQ: Massive Boss Suppression
Level Cap 40
Chapter 2 Side Story
Mag Music Disc Play Feature
Aelio Region: High Rank Sectors
Arks ID
Nadereh Concert

February 2022
March 2022

Spring Event

Spring Event Emergency Quest
Emergency Quest Triggers

March 2022
April 2022

Super Challenging Quests

Level Cap 45
Retem Region: High Rank Sectors
Room Setting Feature for Screenshots
New PAs and Compound Techs

April 2022
May 2022

NGS Anniversary

Limited-Time Quest
Retem Region: New Emergency Quest

May 2022
June 2022

2nd Major NGS Update

New Region
Level Cap 60
Story Chapter 3
New Skills

June 2022
June 2021

Official Launch

Aelio Region
Six Classes
Level Cap: 20
Gigantix Enemies

June 2021
July 2021

PSO2 9th Anniversary Event

Japan & Global Web Panel Event
First Elemental Weapons

July 2021
August 2021

New Class: Braver

Mining Rig Defense
Aelio Deluxe Package

August 2021
October 2021

New Class: Bouncer

Trigger Quests
NGS Mission Pass
Change Mag Form

October 2021
December 2021

NGS Large-Scale Update #1

Desert Region: Retem
New Class Skills
New Techniques
Level Cap: 35
Title System

December 2021

8 thoughts on “PSO2: New Genesis – Roadmap”

  1. NGS Large-Scale Update #1: New Region, New Class Skills, New Techniques, Level Cap: 35

    Hmm…that's a nice update gonna be…I just hope, that New techniques gonna be not just addition of one single-target and aoe tech for dark, light and wind elements, but instead additional techs with different use and DMG%

    and would be nice to get more PAs as well…a bit sad to play with 3 PAs per weapon :>

    • I'd rather them balance the current ones and make them all have a use, rather than having a bunch of unused ones to confuse and clutter the limited palette space we have. Especially with Multi-weapons being a thing.

  2. Well I maxed my char in a week, guess I'm waiting till winter to play for another week. I was so psyched for this game, but had no idea it had less content then pac man.

    • They should've released it 2 or 1 year from now. It was way to early, but I'm happy that we got it early. We shouldn't rush them though, given that they did gave us the game earlier than usual.

    • Didn't want to make the mistake of frontloading alongside with PSO2 I guess, in case you wanna go back with it. Didn't make that very clear so everyone ended up disappointed for expectations never specified.

  3. This games was definitely released way to early, the 1st week was mayhem Emergency maintenance after emergency maintenance they were not prepared for the game to come out I'd say they should of waited couple more years game feels rushed. All they are Releasing is endgame purchases scratches you know this game feels more of a fashion show endgame trow money to them.

  4. They should wait to release new content so they can double down on content. Meaning they release new content then they have even more content but they don't realize it right away. They can tweak it and then make more content and so on. This purpose is so no one burns through the game.


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