April 2024 Update Info – Pt. 1


Rurouni Kenshin Style (AC Scratch)

A collaboration with the acclaimed Rurouni Kenshin anime series introduces new cosmetics based on the likenesses of main characters Himura Kenshin and Kamiya Kaoru.

Character cut-outs of various characters will be rewarded as part of a limited-time login bonus.


Leciel Exploration Additions

Avoid the deadly grasp of the ominous Giruva enemy during a new trial. They'll unleash a devastating blow if you fall into their clutches. Seek and destroy cores scattered around the field will leave the enemy vulnerable to a counterattack.

The distinctively horned Ruine Vibras and gravity manipulating Ruine Exegul boss enemies can appear in the final area.

All-Ship Matchmaking

Leciel Exploration will be the first quest to support joining players from other ships. N-Meseta and items will be obtained as normal. Certain communication features and shops will be unavailable during the quest, however.

Tech Arts Customization

A new tech arts customization will become available for a photon art of each weapon type (excluding Wand & Talis), as well as Ice, Lightning, and Dark techniques. Some of the previously released customizations will receive balance adjustments.

Mission Pass – Season 31

A Mag fashioned in the image of Kanui, first place winner of the NGS Character Election, will be included in the next season of the mission pass.

Additional Upgrades & Features

Region-specific requirements will be removed from some Daily Tasks. Furthermore, Team Tasks requiring note-type special ability capsules will be adjusted to accept any capsules.

Certain capsules, such as C/Endymio and C/Astrio S, can be used as materials for enhancing equipment.

Equipment that can't be used as materials for grinding will have text in the item details indicating such.

The current enhancement level cap of equipment will display in the item list. Maxed out equipment will have an orange font.

The feature for randomly adding a Lv. 1 Preset Ability will be moved to its own dedicated option called "Add Preset Ability."

Adding items to your wishlist will become easier thanks to added

Various additional screens will receive functionality for adding items to your wishlist.

The state of selected tabs will be remembered until you log out.

Send "good jobs" to players via GP Trees in the Creative Space.

The amount of Creative Space blueprints you can save has been doubled to forty.

Earn Genesis Points by clearing Limited-Time Tasks targeting the Creative Space.

Players with an active premium set will be able to pause lobby actions through the Easy Photo Mode.

A free "shaved head" hairstyle and "refined skin" for Base Body T1 have been added to the salon.

New ARKS Card backgrounds featuring Guren and Kanui are available.

Vintage Classics (AC Scratch)

Put a spin on traditional styles with new fashions inspired by school uniforms and hakama.

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  1. I can't believe that SEGA put the *逆刃刀 Sakabato as bonus reward and won't let players sell it in the shop…. why do you hate me like that SEGA?! (´;ω;`)ウッ…


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