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16 thoughts on “EQ Calendar”

    • Bob, you asking him why he's here? Because the game is desperately empty. If it wasn't he wouldn't be here, he would be playing the game.

    • You want content? 😏 buy 30 characters and start leveling all classes on each of them, unlock all the content per character.

      Like what were you even doing when yesterday's Headline was released?, playing PSO2NGS 24 hours straight?, they did mention about what's coming in a week and even more.. smh I don't see how someone can complain when we're a week away from new content..

  1. He is here because at one point he appreciated this game and much like everyone else, is very disappointed. He is most likely waiting for this game to turn around, and you can't honestly tell me that you log in each day and still enjoy what is going on.

  2. Don't lump everyone else in with your opinion, I'm excited for next week's update and so is everyone whom I know but I am quite surprised that someone can actually say that there's no content like one week before a major content/map/system update…

    • What you replied to is nearly 2 months old.

      Meanwhile, myself and everyone that I'm still friends with since ep1-2 of JP PSO2 still hasn't logged in for over 6 months. We've dismissed this as the same stuff as base PSO2, just less, and on top of a less rewarding combat system.

      Good you're excited, but after 8+ years, seeing this effective repeat done worse, and the still awful state of PSO2NGS, there's honestly not much content.

  3. let's just say that 50% of the player are enjoying and the other 50% are not,that fact that all of us want to see the next week update and it's content and if it's still worthy or not to play the game,and i hope the update next will not only be or should i said week long (1 week to be exact to enjoy the game) i think sega need to do something or else the game will be dead for it's lack of content and impact on the gaming com.


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