EQ Calendar

Dark Falz Aegis

The Battle of Lake Halphiria will occur randomly and at the times listed in the schedule.

A boost will apply to the following quests:

  • The Battle of Lake Halphiria
  • Nilus Vera Subjugation
  • Doldoris Vera Subjugation

More details about the boosts can be found in the maintenance post.


Emergency Quest Schedule

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8 thoughts on “EQ Calendar”

    • Whenever there's a campaign for emergency quests, the calendar gets updated. This week there are no campaigns so the calendar won't be updated until the next campaign is announced.

    • The calendar only shows pre-scheduled Emergency Quests when a campaign is running. As of this week, there are no EQ campaigns. Check the next NGS Headline to see if they announce a new campaign.

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