EQ Calendar

Emergency Quest
AHappy Rappy Operation
BNadereh Concert then Happy Rappy Operation 30 minutes later

Happy Rappy Operation will occur at the times listed below. You can earn Treasure Scratch Tickets from completing the Emergency Quest and Daily Tasks. The Treasure Scratch has had a major overhaul to its lineup.

Treasure Scratch Featured Lineup

  • My Shop 3 Day Use
  • Preset Ability & Limit Break/Lv.2
    • Provides 100% success rate & removes the material requirements for Enhancing Preset Abilities. It only works if the target item's level is the same or lower.
  • N-Ability Protection
    • Prevents material items from being consumed when Special Ability affixing fails.
  • TA Customization Disk X/Unified
  • C/Astraio S
    • Adds 5 million EXP when used as a material for grinding Weapons or Armors.

Campaign Boost Effect

  • All EQs are Clearable Up To 2x.
  • -30% Enemy HP
  • Treasure Scratch Ticket Drops

Emergency Quest Schedule

NGS Japan

Timezone Automatically Converted

NGS Global

Timezone Automatically Converted

14 thoughts on “EQ Calendar”

    • Whenever there's a campaign for emergency quests, the calendar gets updated. This week there are no campaigns so the calendar won't be updated until the next campaign is announced.

    • The calendar only shows pre-scheduled Emergency Quests when a campaign is running. As of this week, there are no EQ campaigns. Check the next NGS Headline to see if they announce a new campaign.

  1. Is this page going to be updated in the future? This is the third week in a row where an eq schedule was announced but this didn't get updated.

    • Basically, it gets updated when there's an Emergency Quest campaign. However, this time they put a schedule in a Treasure Scratch campaign which has an EQ occuring but it could be one of several and it's not specified which one. In the future, if a Treasure Scratch campaign occurs like that, we'll put a schedule saying an EQ is occuring just that we won't know which one exactly.

  2. Since we've been getting a lot of EQ schedules again, could we get a side panel like on the old site? It was very convenient back then to open bumped and have that info immediately there. Thanks for considering!

  3. Ah, I didn't know it was a hassle to re-implement. I thought it was an automated process that pulled from the Google calendar. Bummer!
    (Leaving a second comment because I can't reply to your reply lol)


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