Autumn Arrives in New Genesis


Autumn Event

Central City has been embellished with moon and rabbit decor in celebration of Japan's Otsukimi tradition! Discover all of the hidden "mischief symbols" scattered around the city for a special reward.

The trees of Aerio have taken on Autumn hues, and their leaves flutter in the wind.

Xiandy, adorned in Otsukimi inspired garb, has returned to her post outside of the Central Tower. Accept her limited tasks to earn seasonal points for use in her shop.

Collected points can be exchanged for various items, including a new stamp and accessory.


The second half of the event brings special login bonuses and additional daily and weekly tasks. Seasonal enemies will begin appearing in the Vanford Laboratory and Resol Forest areas on certain days.

Seasonal Enemies

Enemies with a seasonal pattern above their heads will appear in the Central, West, North, and East Aerio regions, as well as Mt. Magnus for the duration of the event. These enemies are weak to the ice attribute. A seasonal Gigantix version of Nex Aerio will appear in the latter half of the event.

Tsukimi Rappies can be found across Aerio, discernible by their cream-colored feathers and the delectable odangos in their hands.

Frostel Weapon Series

Ice weapons make their debut with the ★3 Frostel series! They can be dropped by seasonal enemies or acquired by exchanging points at Xiandy's shop. A new "Ice Weaker" ability increases the damage inflicted on enemies weak to ice.

Moonlight Sanctuary (AC Scratch)

View the harvest moon in elaborate priest and shrine maiden robes, a sci-fi bunny girl getup, or a sporty outfit covered in neon lights.

Silhouette of Darkness (AC Scratch)


Emerge from the shadows and strike fear into the hearts of your foes with sci-fi samurai and ninja attire.

Oracle Renew Revival 3 (AC Scratch)


Rep the old school Braver and Bouncer styles with the revival of the Oracle Renew Collection 3 scratch.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Arrives in New Genesis”

  1. i cant stand it when they make a series of weapons but it only covers certain weapon types. and is lacking on content. i see they have not learned much from base pso2. too bad my words will go nowhere.

    • Pretty sure that is so that people can't make all weapons from any given series because that would mean they have no reason to get any of the new weapons released a handful months later and not really any stronger.
      If people could do that Sega would need more incentives for people making an effort to get any new weapon, like making them notable stronger but that would mean power creep would require stronger enemies, either higher lvl s meaning people will demand a lvl cap increase or new enemies which would mean actual real new content and Sega intends to release new content at a much slower pace.

      Also, some people get offended when new weapons that are at all stronger than current weapons get released because they feel the need to ALWAYS upgrade as long as there is any increase in dps, those people want max dps at all times and tend to spend a lot of time and effort on making epic gear so they get irritated when they just made a ton of new weapons / units just for them to be no longer top of the line.

      That issue was what made Sega keep Austere at 1st place or a very close 2nd place of damage for almost 2 years, nearly killing the incentive to play a lot of the content since so much has at its core function of getting players new weapons.

      TBH I am generally fine with that unless it's bad luck and a weapon type I want to really upgrade doesn't get a new weapon series I like for a long time, e.g. because I don't the potential or because it's a huge effort to get.

      Though luckily in ngs getting new gear is super easy.

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