Brave the Blistering Heat of the Volcanic Stia Region!


Stia Region

The time has come to set out for the volcanic region of Stia. After finding your way to the base camp, you can begin exploring the treacherous depths of the Dreisen Plant and Mediola Outer Areas.

The barren wastes of Stia are home to various natural hazards, such as pools of liquid hot magma that inflict the burn status effect on any unfortunate souls who dare dip their toe, and explosive balls of lava that rain from above. These "lava bombs" can be picked up before they detonate and used to destroy large, otherwise impenetrable, clusters of minerals. The bombs can also be hurled at the bulbous cores located in some lava pools, causing a large explosion.

Watch out for deadly troops of "Recon Gigants" on patrol in Stia's exploration sectors. The level of all Gigantix has been raised to 74, so you may want to call for backup before attempting to take on an entire squad of them.

An intimidating army of previously unseen DOLLS units are lying in wait to impede your progress through the region, such as the clearly Wukong-inspired "Engouku" and the drill-headed "Doldoris."

There are a number of new Trainia to discover in the exploration sectors. Challenge settings will be unlocked for them at Rank 2.

The chance that a Burst Encore will occur increases each time the PSE Level drops in a combat sector, as indicated by an icon and popup message.

Story Chapter 4

Research into the whereabouts of Dark Falz has led Crawford to believe that it dwells in the belly of the Stia region. Upon arrival, our heroes are accosted by the Stia advance team.

Guren is the taciturn and undaunted leader of the advance team. He appears to have some history with Crawford that led the two to become estranged. The stalwart Kanui serves as his adjutant.

Class Level 70

The level cap has been raised to 70 and new class skills are available that compliment the old by enhancing their strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.

Two new ★8 weapon series can be found in the Stia region. Seigayou weapons are another fire-elemented series. Kouklophis weapons bear a resemblance to certain DOLLS units and can be obtained by trading the "Inferium" mineral found in Stia.

Stia Quests

The first Urgent Quest sees you going toe-to-toe against a quadrupedal beast with a massive drill for a head, known as Doldoris Vera. When not attempting to perforate its prey with close-range attacks, it's capable of firing a rapid barrage of projectiles from its head.

Try your hand at clearing the "Stia Troopers" and "Stia Devastators" Battledia for loads of EXP and loot.

Fields Races

Dash around the outskirts of Stia or cruise through the Dresisen Plant in two new Field Races.

Additional Features

A new face type comes with a removable set of extra eyelashes, allowing you to double up for a more exaggerated look.

The duration of a Region Mag boost can be replenished.

Featured Items from AC Scratches can be be traded in at the Item Recycle shop for new boost items.

You will no longer be barred from accessing Ryuker Devices while enemies are nearby.

An auto-join button will be added to the recruiting parties search menu that automatically places you into a party with a matching objective.

The Rank of the Urgent or Battledia quest you are participating in will be shown in the UI next to its name.

The name of a player's Team will now display on the ARKS Card. New selfie backdrops are also available.

The character limit for the Team Message has been expanded.

Crystalline Concepts (AC Scratch)

Step into Stia with style in cool sci-fi skeletal suits, casual mountain parkas, and fresh CAST part designs with a sharp, crystalline aesthetic.

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