Central! Comic Volume #1 Release & Benefits

A physical print of the first volume of the ongoing Central! comic for PSO2 NGS is on sale now in Japan! A digital download is available for Global. Purchases of either will come with a code for six in-game items for their respective version.

Price: ¥1,100 / $9.99
Purchase: Japan / Global

Japanese Rewards

  • Mo「待機:『せんとらるっ!』」
  • St「『せんとらるっ!』」
  • 『せんとらるっ!』ラン缶バッジ
  • 『せんとらるっ!』リューリン缶バッジ
  • 『せんとらるっ!』ロッサ缶バッジ
  • 『せんとらるっ!』オランジェ缶バッジ

Global Rewards

  • MTN: Idle – CENTRAL!
  • CENTRAL! Ran Pin
  • CENTRAL! Liu Lin Pin
  • CENTRAL! Rossa Pin
  • CENTRAL! Oranje Pin

The Global audience can also purchase a digital collection of PSO2Comi for an additional item code.

Price: $16.99
Purchase: Global

Global Rewards

  • Manga Memory (x16)

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