Collect Retem Cosmetics from a Revamped SG Scratch Lineup!

Winter World Trials


The Stellar Grace have taken on a wintery visage for the next World Trials and can drop SG 5 Tickets.

Seasonal Shop Additions


More New Year's themed accessories will be added the Xiandy's seasonal shop during the latter portion of the winter event. Star Gems and Special Scratch Tickets will also be restocked.

Resolute Warrior (SG Scratch)


The SG Scratch lineup is receiving a full refresh with costumes of Nadereh, Hadi, and Retem denizens.

A new Step Bonus function will be implemented that increases the likelihood of receiving Featured Items based on the number of scratch tickets you've drawn. Nadereh's cosmetics will be the first featured, and their drop rate can increase by up to 1.5x. The SG Scratch will now also include a Scratch Count Bonus.

※The free daily draw will not count towards the Step Bonus or Scratch Count Bonus.

Edgy Underworld (AC Scratch)


Make a statement in the freshest street fashions and skate 'bout the city with new motions.

6 thoughts on “Collect Retem Cosmetics from a Revamped SG Scratch Lineup!”

  1. It's a bit scummy that they're still not counting the free scratch for the scratch count bonus because, some on man. It's one a day, it's like over a month to get a single choice ticket, it's not like it'd break the economy or anything but whatever. At least we get a new cast head. Also that helmet that's part of the type 2 set looks pretty neat. Not enough full helmets.

    • Technically they're super generous by even giving us a free scratch daily.. I'm fine with them not contributing towards the scratch bonus stuff, but I do wish we had better recycle options since that also impacts purchased duplicates.

    • It's only technically generous if you don't take into account that the free roll is literally a substitute for fun scratch, meaning we've gotten an overall reduction in the amount of scratches, making it super stingy, ratehr tha nsuper generous.

  2. Just to be safe here, cause I was waiting for summoner scratch to spend my sg, and there r things in the current one that I want. How is this new scratch gonna be implemented? Is it going to be a new separate scratch, while the current one is also available? is it going to be "fused" with the current one but new items will have way more chances to be pulled, or the current one is gonna be gone for good this time?


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