Devastate Foes with New Photon Arts & Compound Techs!


Level Cap: 45

The level cap just keeps climbing higher and higher, now maxing out at 45! New ranks for Retem region content will be added to help with the grind.

New Photon Arts

Most weapon types currently available in the game will receive a shiny new Photon Art to toy around with!

Compound Techs

Compound Techs, devastating combinations of different elements, will be introduced to New Genesis and can be unlocked after acquiring the "United Technique" class skill.

Retem Combat Sectors – Rank 3

Level 40 enemies will appear across Retem's Rank 3 combat sectors. New to these ranks are PSE Burst Encores, which may occur at the end of a PSE Burst.

Equalizing enemies may be encountered during trials. This new variant has an indestructible "Equalizer" part that boosts the attack and defense of its nearby allies.

Retem Urgent Quests – Rank 2

Take on level 45 versions of Snidael Vera and Renus Retem in Rank 2 Urgent Quests! ★5 weapon camos of the Gretigga, Fibra, Gorsica, and Quintel series can drop.

Retem Devastators – Rank 2

A new rank is available for the purple "Retem Devastators" Battledia quest. Lucky players may find a purple color variation of the "Glide: Dive" motion among the quest rewards.

Gigantix Level Increase

The level of all Gigantix will be increased to 49 to coincide with the raised player level cap.

Kukuhroziat Series

The DOLLS-themed ★5 "Kukuhroziat" weapon series can be dropped by level 31+ DOLLS enemies across the Aelio and Retem regions.

Other Additions

Recruit party members with options for setting battle power and level requirements.

Start a private, password-protected Photo Room for taking screenshots! Set up the perfect shot with settings for the weather and time of day. Enemies and certain objects will not appear in these rooms.

Create a Mag Jukebox playlist of up to 32 songs! Customize it further with playback settings for when a song starts and ends, how many times it loops, and the melody when applicable.

An icon has been added to the costume list in the salon to help easily identify which costumes can be recolored and what colors they currently are.

A new option for hiding your equipped innerwear can be accessed from the Ornament Display Settings.

Choose whether to only display Stamps in the chat log or in speech bubbles.

Activate Streamer Mode to automatically hide all player communications, such as chat, symbol arts, etc.

The rare drop animation settings have been split into [Weapons / Armor] and [Other Items] and expanded to include options for specifying which level of rarity to display for.

Search for special abilities in the player shops with the View Preset Skill Market Prices feature.

Casual Comfort (AC Scratch)

Travel in comfort with large, casual hoodies and a plush bunny onesie, or suit up in dark fantasy uniforms and CAST parts with the latest scratch offerings!

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    • It's hard to tell what to see because it's black and posed in a wierd angle, but yeah it doesn't look so hot. It's very reminiscent of the not so good looking cast parts of old pso2.

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