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June 5th

New Story: Chapter 7

  • Nameless City is a concrete jungle of buildings built with technology much more advanced than Halpha.
  • Crawford summons the protagonists to meet Pharia who seems off.

New Quest: Nameless City Exploration

  • Nameless City Exploration is a new quest type (which players first get a look at in the story).
  • The objective is to explore the new field until the end of the time limit and to open as many special item chests placed in the field to earn as many rewards as possible.
  • Exploration Points that are needed to open the chests can be earned by defeating enemies or by touching Unlock Signs scattered around the field.
  • Trials with lots of Unlock Signs will also occur.
  • The more Exploration Points you earn, the lower the player's defense becomes. If you get incapacitated, your Exploration Points get slashed in half.

Nameless City: Exploration 2

  • New enemies will appear like Starless boss enemies such as Valvilan Axe and the tiger-like Gratigal!
  • Limited-time Tasks and Title Tasks will be added for this quest.
  • Complete these tasks to get N-Master Cubes and N-Special Ability Transfer Vouchers and Titles.
  • The ★11 Eredim series increases the PP recovery amount and boosts the PB Gauge when attacking, as well as a Potential that increases the chance of critical hits. These weapons will always drop with 3 types of the EX Special Ability.

EX Special Ability Example

  • EX Just Frame Counter R
    • Power +4.5%
    • Power Minimum Increase +2%
    • All Down Resistance +5% / Sidestep Counter when you perform a normal attack after you break-fall a launch or knockback.
  • EX Risky Stance X
    • Power +4.5%
    • Power Minimum Increase +2%
    • 30% Chance to Recover 10PP when hit by an attack, recast time 5 secs / 10% Chance of 1 Damage to Self, recast time 10 secs.
  • EX Lively HP Sterling
    • Power +4%
    • Power Minimum Increase +2%
    • HP+15 & PP+2 / Power +1.5% and Damage Resistance + 5% when HP is 95% or higher.

Special Ability Transfer

  • Two new functions will be added to the Special ABility Transfer in the Item Lab.
  • [All Special Ability Transfer] will transfer all special abilities from a material equipment item by using N-Special Ability Transfer Pass and Meseta. Special Abilities from weapons can be transferred from one weapon to another, and Special Abilities from armor can be transferred from one armor to another, regardless of series or weapon type.
    • This requires the number of slots on the material item must be the same or less than the number of slots for the base item.
    • All special abilities will be moved to the Base item after the transfer is completed, so the slots of the Material item will be left empty.
    • Please note that it is not possible to select individual special abilities to be transferred.
    • Please note that all special abilities of the material item will be overwritten onto the base item. So if the number of special abilities on the material item is less than on the base item, the total number of special abilities will be reduced.
  • [EX Special Ability Transfer] will transfer only the EX Special Abilities by consuming the Transfer Pass and Meseta. These can be transferred when the base item and the material item have the same number of EX Special Abilities.
    • The EX Special Abilities of the material item used for transfer will be lost as they are transferred to the base item.
    • The EX Special Abilities originally on the base item will be overwritten and disappear.
    • However, Special Abilities other than EX Special Abilities will remain for both the material and base item.
    • When using a material item like the ★11 Eredim weapons which have EX Special Abilities when they drop, it is possible to transfer ALL Special Abilities or do an EX Special Ability Transfer to any weapon from any series without consuming the designated item.
  • [Auto-Sell Drop Items] feature will be expanded to include whether or not to automatically sell equipment with Special Abilities when they drop.
    • In conjunction with this change, the specifications for selecting Auto-Sell items such as Gold Prim Swords will also be changed so that from now on, selected items will always be sold automatically regardless of the rarity setting of the sell conditions or the newly added Special Ability setting.

Level Cap 90

  • The level cap for each class will be increased to 90.
  • The grind cap for all weapons and armor will be increased to 90.
  • You can now go up to 7 Special Ability Slots.
  • In addition, the Fighter class will receive balance adjustments such as adjustments to power and movements to some actions.
  • New class skills with major updates to effects will also be added.

ARKS Records – Fleeting Fight (Rank 2) for Fighters

ARKS Records – Field Race: North Aelio Board (Stage 1)

Creative Space

  • Far Eastern theme featuring Cherry Blossoms and a sea of clouds.
  • Japona Build Parts series lets you construct Japanese-style Buildings.
  • The new [BP Link Teleporter] will be added where you can register the Creative Space serial number you want to go to and you can move directly to the registered space.
  • For example, you can use this to separate the inside and outside of a building into different Spaces. Or you can use it as a portal to introduce different Creative Spaces to friends.

Various Improvements

  • A new setting for Vital Gauge design that allows you to hide the HP / PP gauge. This setting has no impact on the display of the party members' HP/PP gauges, nor does it affect how yours appears to other party members.
  • The game will remember the last-opened Item Details page.
  • Items with expiration dates are prioritized first in the Default Sorting under the Misc. category of the inventory.
  • Pharia and Zephetto will be added to ARKS ID Backdrops. You can earn this after collecting a certain number of Title Points.
  • More [My Fashion] premium slots will be added.
    Therefore premium Users can use up to 50 slots.

AC Scratch: Bridal Fantasia

  • Features fantasy adventure-wear and wedding dress outfits.
  • Lobby Actions: Weapon Display Pose 3/Weapon Display Pose 4
  • Motion: Idle – Airsoft
  • Scratch Bonus: Airsoft EX

June 12th

Limited-Time Quest

  • Special Training: Sand Road Sprint
    • Gather rings and Chaos Emeralds placed along the course to earn quest points.
    • The more points you earn, the more you enhance your abilities.
    • New Limited-Time Tasks and Title Tasks will be added where you can earn Special Scratch Tickets and the Title: Shadow.
    • Statues of Sonic characters will appear in Central City, including the new Shadow statue.
  • Sonic Birthday Campaign
    • Secret Phrase gifts will be given out. Say the phrase in-game to get Star Gems, Sonic's Shoes accessories, and more.
  • ARKS Records – Trania Narrow Cage (Rank 2).
  • PSO2 Room Items with a vintage look and log-cabin theme.

AC Scratch: Stylish Avenue

  • Denim, dresses, and cropped hoodies.
  • Lobby Action: Buddy Pose 2
  • MTN: Idle – Holding a Bouquet
  • Scratch Bonus: Move – Holding a Bouquet EX

June 19th

Sign of the Planetbreak Rank 2

  • Malignant Dark Falz Solus has been enhanced.
  • A higher Battle Power will be required.
  • Up to 4 players can participate.
  • Quest will fail after 5 incapacitation.
  • New Title Task and the target quest for weekly tasks will become Sign of the Planetbreaker Rank 2.

ARKS Record – Trania: Buddy Attack (Rank 2) For Fighters

ARKS Record – Special Training: Sand Road Sprint

SG Support Item Selection

  • Includes powerful special abilities like C/Mega Triyal S and Preset Ability Item Protection.

Mission Pass: Season 33

  • Goatskull Helm
  • Circuhorn accessory
  • My Shop 3 Days Use

Code Geass: Lelouch

  • Log in during the campaign period to get acrylic stand-style Build Parts of Lelouch, C.C. Suzaku, and Kallen.

AC Scratch: Code Geass Style

  • Dress up as Lelouch, C.C. Suzaku, and Kallen.
  • Weapon camos of the Knightmare Frame weapons.
  • Accessories, Motion changes, and other items.
  • Grab Mag Forms modeled after Shinkiro, Lancelot Albion, and GUREN SEITEN.
  • Scratch Bonus: Music Disc: Previous Notice.

June 26th

Giant Mutants Return

  • Giant Mutants will appear in Central and West Kvaris.
  • By defeating a certain amount of Dread enemies that spawn near the special markers, a rare Garongo Geo or Waulon Geo will appear.
  • King Captan may also make an appearance.
  • Please note, that the level of Dread enemies appearing in the target sectors will be higher during this period.
  • Some of the locations and types of Dread Enemies in the target sectors will be changed after this event.

ARKS Records – Trania: Quarterstaff (Rank 2)

AC Scratch Revivals

  • [Rewind Collection Jun '24] will feature past NGS-spec AC scratch ticket prizes.
  • [Acccessory Revival Jun '24] centers around popular past accessories.
    • Scratch Bonus: C/Lux Halphinale

Letter From The Developers

Nameless City Exploration

They started the development of this quest, aiming to have a well-balanced mix of gameplay elements, including both casual gameplay in an open field, such as Exploration and Combat sectors, and grind-heavy content like Leciel Exploration.

Unlike Leciel Exploration and past Limited Quests, there is no matchmaking before the start of the quest. Players are free to jump in and out like in the Exploration sectors. However, there is a time limit to exploring the field.

By providing a goal for players to collect as many items as possible from chests within a set time, players get different results every time they play through.

★11 Eredim Series

Its baseline weapon performance (aside from the EX-Special Abilities)

The weapon (aside from the EX-Special Abilities) has a baseline performance that's inferior to the ★11 Wingard series. In exchange, Eredim weapons are more accessible than previous top rarity weapons. Plus you can put them up for sale in your player shop.

If you don't yet have a Wingard weapon, snagging an Eredim weapon will be a big help in your battles. If you do already have a Wingard weapon, you'll be able to transfer the powerful EX Special Abilities to your Wingard weapon.

Spcial Ability Transfer

They weren't able to implement this sooner for a variety of reasons. Since this feature was necessary to realize the EX-Special Ability gameplay that they wanted, they made the final push to deliver this functionality.

Transfers require a rare dedicated item called the N-Special Ability Transfer Pass. These are mainly available by obtaining Titles related to forthcoming content, and by collecting Transfer Pass Vouchers from completing Limited-Time Tasks.

When you acquire an Eredim series weapon, it will have 3 EX-Special Abilities affixed randomly out of over 20 potential types. When transferring these, the three types are fixed together as-is. Therefore, they decided to implement a feature to only transfer EX-Special Abilities to resolve the issue of players not being able to enhance their equipment until they get the ideal combination.

The Eredim series doesn't require a transfer pass for Special Ability transfer. So it is easier to start by enhancing the Eredim series first, then performing Special Ability transfer using the Eredim series weapon when you acquire a stronger weapon.

ARKS Operation Report

With party members aligned horizontally in the current Emergency Quest victory performance, It is difficult to see members at the back. Could you make them easier to see?

They plan to create a victory perfomance with a composition that clearly shows party members at the back for future EQs that feature a victory perfomance.

Do you have plans to update the products in the Treasure Shop lineup? Many of the items don't seem to match the current game environment.

In order to better reflect the current state of special abilities, they plan to make an adjustment to the special ability capsules listed in the Treasure Shop within a June update.

Changes will include removing some special abilities from the current lineup, and increasing the chances of high demand LC capsules appearing. Defi-class Capsules will also be added from P.2 to P.4.

The All-Ship Matchmaking for Leciel Exploration is a great feature. Do you have plans to use it for other quests?

They apologize for the bugs at the beggining with the bugs and the emergency maintenance to address them. As they have received a lot of positive comments on this feature and requests to make it available for other quests, they are looking into the best way to proceed.

Satellite Information

Class Training Program (June 5th)

  • Limited-Time Tasks for Fighters and Gunners will earn commemorative plates. Completion rewards will also be available.

Eredim Series Enhancement Support Campaign (June 12th)

  • 75% Discount on N-Meseta Cost for Enhancement For Eredim.
  • Grind Success Rate +90% For Eredim.

Item Enhancement Support Campaign (June 19th)

  • +5% Boost for All Items for Special Ability Success Rate / Preset Ability Enhance Success Rate.
  • N-meseta Discounts

Quest Conquer SP Scratch Ticket Rush Campaign (June 19th)

  • Get up to 2 Special Scratch Tickets a day by completing any quest.

AC Super Sale Summer Sale '24 (Global Only) (June 26th)

  • Get 2,200 AC for 9.99 in Msft Store / PS Store / Epic / Razer / Coda
  • Get a bonus 1,200 AC when you buy 2,200+ AC in Steam.

Super Phantasy Festival (July)

  • PSO2 12th Anniversary Campaign

Next NGS Headline

June 25th
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