Face the Formidable Halvaldi Vera!


Halvaldi Vera

Reach the floating island above Rwh Maqead and face off against Halvaldi Vera. This version is far more formidable than its Duel Quest counterpart.

Exchange "Dread Scales" dropped by Halvaldi Vera and Lv.80+ Dread Enemies for the new ★9 "Melek" weapon series.

Frame Arms Style (AC Scratch)

Hresvelgr=Ater CAST parts and bikini armor will be available as part of a collaboration scratch with Kotobukiya's popular Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl model kit lines. Some items from PSO2's past collaborations with Frame Arms will also be included.

Hresvelgr=Ater build parts can be obtained as a limited-time login bonus.


"Cave Clean-Up" Limited-Time Quest

A transport vehicle located in the Maqead Lower Level is requesting aid against incoming hostiles. Utilize explosive decoys to cut through the enemy's long-range attacks.

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