Finish the Fight Against Dark Falz! [Updated]


Dark Falz Aegis

The time has come at last to end the Dark Falz nightmare that's haunted the planet. Halphilia Lake will serve as the battleground against its gargantuan new form in a new Urgent Quest.

The ★8 "Neos Astreon" weapon series will be introduced among the quest drops. These have a higher drop rate compared to other weapons of the same rarity. They will not be marketable in the player shops.

Trade in five for the "Aegis Integra" material, five of which can then be traded in for a Neos Astreon weapon of your choice.

ARKS Record

A new ARKS Record will be held until February 8th that targets three Field Races.

Virtual Liver Collaboration

A collaboration will take place with hit VTuber groups NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN! Four life-size panels of select stars will be erected in Central City for the duration of the event.

The Region Mags will sport a new coat of paint, with VTuber artwork emblazoned along the bottom.

Log in during the event for exclusive stickers of their signatures.

Virtual Liver Style (AC Scratch)

Acquire cosmetics of NIJISANJI stars Kaida Haru, Shu Yamino, Hakase Fuyuki, and Hoshikawa Sara!


24-Player Limited Quest

Team with up to twenty-four other players in a one-week Limited Quest and defend an impaired transport truck from an onslaught of enemies! Boss enemies not normally encountered in the open field may appear as Megalotix.

★8 "Neos Justilon" weapons can be obtained through this quest, as well as some future limited-time quests and events. They're weaker than the Neos Astreon weapons, but are light-attributed and can be sold through the player shops.

Neos Justilon can be combined with Neos Astreon to create multi-weapons.

Sweet Wonderland (AC Scratch)

The next round of premium fashions are serving up a Valentine's confection of pure perfection!

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