Have a Scary Good Time During the Halloween '23 Event!


Halloween '23 Event

The cities of Central and Retem are getting a spooktacular makeover for this year's Halloween festivities! Xiemi will serve as the event guide and offer a selection of treats at her shop. Among the goodies on display are tickets for the Halloween '23 Special Scratch, and ★8 "Brawnaga" series weapons.

"Haunted Domain" Urgent Quest

Enter a Trainia-esque area and harness the power of the Mobile Cannon ECS and its elemental bullets.

Additional Content

Face off against the Starless boss "Zelvin" along the shores of West Aelio in the Phase 3 Duel Quest.

New title tasks will become available that reward players with vital gauge backgrounds and "Title Icons" that can be displayed alongside a character's title.

The "Lower Maqead" Combat Sector in Retem is due to receive a new rank that brings higher level enemies, Starless, and attracting saucer devices into the fray.

The Mission Pass debuts its 25th season with further accessories, stamps, and more to earn.

School and nightclub furniture from PSO2 will be re-released as Build Parts for the Creative Space.

Spriggan Style (AC Scratch)

Cosplay as Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde using new avatar items released in collaboration with the Spriggan anime series.

Collect panels of the cast of Spriggan to decorate your Creative Space as part of a limited-time login bonus.


"Dreisen Plant Interception" Limited-Time Quest

Join a 24-person assault against Megalotix versions of Doldoris Vera and Nils Vera in the Dreisen Plant.

Monster Masquerade '23 (AC Scratch)

New Halloween fashions are in store, including bat-themed outfits, a dark nurse uniform, and hooded Grim Reaper outerwear.

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