June 2024 Update Info – Pt. 1


Story Chapter 7

The protagonist and allies report to Crawford and witness unusual behavior from Pharia. Further research into Leciel has led to the discovery of the Nameless City.

Nameless City Exploration

Survey the newly uncovered Nameless City while collecting exploration points and unlocking chests. The player's defense will decrease as more exploration points are accrued, and being incapacitated will reduce your points by half. Chests require points or "unlock signs" scattered around the map to be opened.

New breeds of Starless will make their first appearance in the city, such as the axe-wielding Valvilan Axe and tiger-esque Gratigal.

The ★11 Eredim weapon series boosts the recovery rate of PP and accumulation of the PB gauge when attacking. Its potential increases the critical hit rate. Furthermore, these weapons drop with one of three types of EX special abilities.

Special Ability Transference

Two new functions will be added to the Special Ability Transfer in the Item Lab.

[All Special Ability Transfer] will transfer all special abilities from a material equipment item by using N-Special Ability Transfer Pass and Meseta. Special Abilities from weapons can be transferred from one weapon to another, and Special Abilities from armor can be transferred from one armor to another, regardless of series or weapon type.

  • This requires the number of slots on the material item must be the same or less than the number of slots for the base item.
  • All special abilities will be moved to the Base item after the transfer is completed, so the slots of the Material item will be left empty.
  • Please note that it is not possible to select individual special abilities to be transferred.
  • Please note that all special abilities of the material item will be overwritten onto the base item. So if the number of special abilities on the material item is less than on the base item, the total number of special abilities will be reduced.

[EX Special Ability Transfer] will transfer only the EX Special Abilities by consuming the Transfer Pass and Meseta. These can be transferred when the base item and the material item have the same number of EX Special Abilities.

  • The EX Special Abilities of the material item used for transfer will be lost as they are transferred to the base item.
  • The EX Special Abilities originally on the base item will be overwritten and disappear.
  • However, Special Abilities other than EX Special Abilities will remain for both the material and base item.
  • When using a material item like the ★11 Eredim weapons which have EX Special Abilities when they drop, it is possible to transfer ALL Special Abilities or do an EX Special Ability Transfer to any weapon from any series without consuming the designated item.

[Auto-Sell Drop Items] feature will be expanded to include whether or not to automatically sell equipment with Special Abilities when they drop.

  • In conjunction with this change, the specifications for selecting Auto-Sell items such as Gold Prim Swords will also be changed so that from now on, selected items will always be sold automatically regardless of the rarity setting of the sell conditions or the newly added Special Ability setting.

Class Level 90

The class level cap will be raised to 90, the grind cap for weapons and armor to +90, and the maximum amount of special ability slots to 7.

The Fighter class is receiving a damage boost and adjustments to the behavior of certain actions. New class skills and majorly enhanced effects will be included.

Creative Space Themes

The "Far Eastern" theme will transform the scenery of the Creative Space into a mountainous region, surrounded by a sea of clouds and lined with cherry blossoms.

Japanese-style build parts have been added to coincide with the new theme.

Additional Features

A new setting will allow players to hide the HP/PP bars from their vital gauge.

The game will remember which item details page you last opened.

Limited-time inventory items in the "other" category will display first under standing sorting.

Pharia and Zephetto designs have been added to the selection of ARKS Card backgrounds.

The number of premium My Fashion set slots has increased to fifty.

Bridal Fantasia (AC Scratch)

The next scratch features fantasy inspired adventurer clothes and cutesy wedding dresses.


"Sand Road Sprint" Limited-Time Quest

Sprint through a Sonic-inspired course in the Retem region to celebrate the blue blur's birthday. Statues of Sonic and pals will again appear in Central City, now joined by Shadow.

Vintage & Cabin Build Parts

Vintage and log house style furniture from PSO2 have been ported over to use in the Creative Space.

Stylish Avenue (AC Scratch)

Walk down the avenue in style with baggy, distressed denim jeans and a cropped hoodie.

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