Mag Jukebox Feature Comes to NGS in February!

The Mag Jukebox function will be implemented in a February update, allowing players to change the in-game background music to that of a Music Disc.

  • All Music Discs, be they PSO2 or NGS, can be registered and played via the Mag Jukebox.
  • NGS-spec Music Discs can't be played in PSO2's My Room or Team Room.
  • Only the user can hear the audio played through the Mag Jukebox.
  • The game's normal BGM will take priority in certain situations (e.g., event scenes and EQs).
  • PSO2-spec Music Discs can be transferred to the NGS item pack.

PSO2-spec Music Discs will be marketable in NGS's My Shop upon future redistribution.

7 thoughts on “Mag Jukebox Feature Comes to NGS in February!”

  1. LOL Calm the fuck down. You acting here like they killed your whole family or something. They said they will add it but they are trying to improve it before releasing in previous broadcast. I have no idea where you are getting the "which they didn't plan" part from but that's just baseless assumption.

  2. Is there any word as to whether we'll need to require music discs that we registered in our pso2 My room? I have a lot of discs I'd love to use, but if it doesn't sync with our rooms that'd be disappointing.

  3. Being able to make my mag blast out TrickTrack, Naked Sky, Go Infinity, or Save this World Remix while not needing to worry about my own PC music player to set the mood for fighting is already making me LOVE the idea.


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