May 2024 Update Info – Pt. 1


"Ruins Interception '24" Limited-Time Quest

A remake of last August's limited-time quest pits players against a Megalotix variant of Crcodylis Vera and an exclusive version of Ams Vera. The maximum number of participants has been reduced from 24 to 12, and the number of enemy reinforcements has been adjusted to ease the difficulty.

The seasonal shop lineup has been updated with new additions, such as a tote bag accessory featuring NGS 3rd anniversary artwork of Aina and Manon.

"Aelio Intruders" Battledia Purple

Clash back-to-back with three Gigantix Starless bosses in a new purple Battledia quest. Ranks 1 & 2 will be available from the jump and support up to eight players.

Urban Cybernetics (AC Scratch)

Unleash your inner cyberpunk with futuristic fashions and CAST parts.


"Cascading Punishment" Limited-Time Quest

Carve your way through a multitude of enemies amid the shimmering seaside of Retem at dusk. Various gimmicks will be at your disposal. The quest route will change significantly on May 22nd.

Atelier Style (AC Scratch)

NGS has a magical collaboration with Koei Tecmo's "Atelier Ryza 3" and "Atelier Marie Remake" in store. A melange of character cosmetics from both games will be available in a new scratch.

A limited-time login bonus will allow players to receive panels of characters Bos, Ryza, and Klaudia to decorate their creative spaces with.

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