New Genesis: Patch Notes: August 2023

August 02 2023 | Patch Notes

System Update

Class Related

Quest & Field Related

  • ARKS Records: A Boost effect will be applied that increases the damage dealt when main class weapons are equipped.
  • For Beginner Blocks, you will no longer be able to accept or enter matchmaking for quests outside of the Aelio region.
    • If you wish to accept a quest for a different region, please transfer to a non-beginner block or transfer to the appropriate region via the World Map.
  • During Trials in Combat and Exploration Sections, the Guide Marker will now reappear when the player moves a certain distance away from the Guide Marker's display position.
  • You can now teleport to Tranias via the World Map.
  • Added a feature that removes the barrier fence effect in the Open Fields via the chat command [/uioff].
  • Some objects (except for the Restasigns) cannot be accessed during an attack.
  • Up to 3 NPCs can now join you in Battledia Yellow [Aelio Troopers], [Retem Troopers], and [Kvaris Troopers].
  • Relaxed the hitstop for the "Beehive" object when its attack hits the player.
  • A portion of the layout has been changed on the Quest Acceptance screen and thumbnails of featured drop items will now be displayed.
  • Added the following Recruitment objectives to the Party Member Recruitment area:
    • Leciel Exploration
    • Join Major Target Suppression Mission
  • An icon will now display above NPCs at the Quest Counter if there's a Limited Quest that has not been cleared yet.
  • Enemy Enhancers will now be included if a Title's conditions relate to part destruction.


  • The following adjustments will be made to the Item Lab:
    • Added [Preset Ability Enhancement]
    • Changed the name of [Add Present Ability] to [Transfer Preset Ability].
  • The [Team Bulletin Board], accessible through both Team Commands and Team Terminals, will be added to NGS Blocks.
  • When an application to join a Team is sent, the applicant will now be listed in the [Team Applicant List].
    • The above changes will eliminate the sending of messages on the part of the applicant.
  • For NGS Blocks, the [Party Invite Decline Settings] under the Party Command Menu now be retained even if you move to a different block.
  • Featured Item Drops will now display the effects of Special Ability Capsules when the cursor hovers over them in the Item's column.
  • Added a section to [Display Damage Per Second] in Gameplay Options.
  • Added [Vital Gauge Design] in the [Personal] section of the Main Menu.
  • Added a [Quest Counter] section in [Task/Quests] on the Main Menu.
  • Changed the location of The Titles section of the Main Menu from [Personal] to [Tasks/Quests].
  • For the PC version, added the [High Resolution Display of Other Players] in the Graphics section of Options.
  • Added Headings to the Graphics section in Options.
  • Changed the location of the [Acquire All] button in the Mission Pass area.
  • Changed specifications so that the characters of users registered to your blocklist will not be displayed, except in some circumstances.
  • Added backgrounds that can be unlocked with [Title Points] when editing Arks Cards.
  • Added Genesis Point Quest Earnings (Weekly) to Basic Stats.
  • The credits played from the Start Menu will change based on the clearing status of PSO2.

Character Creation Related

  • The following changes will be made to the Salon:
    • Added [Face Variation Ornaments Display Settings] to the Face menu options.
    • Added [Head Ornament Display Settings] to the Hairstyle/Head Parts options.
    • It was announced that this feature would be available only for NGS blocks, but now it is available with ALL blocks.
  • Changed the name of [Camera Settings] within the Edit Other section to [Salon Settings].
  • Added [Display Adjustment Values] to the Salon Settings in NGS Blocks.
  • Added display values for Outline Emphasis and Shadow Density in the Cel-Shading Settings for the Salon.
  • For NGS Blocks, the following menu items for Fashion Editing in the Main Menu's [Equipment/Sub-Palette], will be changed to display new icons:
    • Hairstyle list
    • Body Paint list
    • Outerwear list
    • Basewear list
    • Innerwear list
    • Accessory list
    • Body Parts list
    • Arm Parts list
    • Leg Parts list

Creative Space Related

  • Added a message when a change in editing permissions occurs in the Creative Space
  • Icons for certain class skills will be hidden in the Creative Space.
  • Added a brief waiting period for the [Build Command: Move] before it can be executed again.
  • Changed specifications of "Reset Build Parts Placement" and "Reset Terrain" so that it notifies other players when the process is executed.
  • Added Rental C Space 02 for Creative Space.
  • The first and last pages wil now loop when changing pages in the Build Menu.
  • Reduced the screen shake effect when placing or removing Build Parts.
  • Some Build Parts and Portable Holograms will be renamed as follows:
    • BP "Ael: Generic Container" → BP "Generic Container"
    • BP "Ael: Generic Container B" → BP "Generic Container B"
    • BP "Mini Region Mag" → BP "R Mag Minimo"
    • BP "Mini Region Mag B" → BP "Annivas Minimo"
    • PH "Ael: Container" → PH "Generic Container"
    • PH "Generic Container → PH "Generic Container B"

Item Related

  • Added the [Enhance Preset Ability] to the Item Lab.
  • Clearing the following Quests will now have items obtained from Trial Rewards sent to the [Temporary Quest Storage] instead of the Item Pack.
    • Mining Rig Defense: Aelio / Retem / Kvaris
    • Drill: Mining Rig Defense Aelio / Retem / Kvaris
  • Added [Earned Genesis Point +100%] to the SG Shop.
  • Added a [Growthment Exchange] shop to the Item Traders.
  • Added [SG Legacy Coordination Exchange] shop to the Item Traders.
  • The following items will be added to the product listing of the [GigaStrugment Exchange] shop:
    • C/Defi Eriss P.02
    • C/Defi Ceires P.02
    • C/Defi Plutos P.02
    • C/Defi Makemes P.02
    • C/Defi Haumeas P.02
    • C/Defi Sednas P.02
  • A portion of the "NGS 2nd Anniversary SP Scratch] will be added to the Special Scratch lineup.
  • Added drops to the following quests:
    • Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth
    • Trania Advance: Cannonball Strike / Cannonball Rumble
    • Trania Advance: Bunker Type.2 "Ordinal Tower"
    • Battledia: Purple Aelio Devastators / Retem Devastators / Kvaris Devastators / Stia Devastators.
  • Creative Space Prep. Special Ticket can now be sold.

Other Changes

  • For portable holograms, objects will now disappear when the camera approaches
  • [Basic Character Models] will no longer be affected by the Cel-Shading options.
  • When the 3D Resolution Setting for [Automatic Resolution Reduction] is enabled, the frame rate will no longer be lowered when used in conjunction with NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR 1.0.
    • Resolution may decrease due to this specification change.

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