New Genesis: Patch Notes: June 2023

June 14 2023 | Patch Notes

The following Emergency Quests will no longer appear in Aelio:

  • Command Dolls Suppression Op
  • Nex Vera Suppression OP
  • Mining Rig Defense: Aelio

New items will be added to the product listing for [Other Material Echange] in the [Upgrade Material Exchange] area at the Item Lab:

  • Gold Prim Sword Ⅱ
  • Gold Prim Armor Ⅱ

June 07 2023 | Patch Notes

System Update

Player Related

  • The effect of the attack for the Talis deployed by a PA will be adjusted according to the current element.
  • Changed the voice pattern that plays when activating some PAs.
  • The EXP earned from higher-level enemies will no longer be penalized.
  • Removed the [Damage Correction] when the Player is hit by an attack from an enemy that is higher level than the Player.
  • The damage penalty based on the level differences from the enemy was removed from Story Quests.

Quest & Field Related

  • For the Trial "Transerve Destruction," the "Transerve" will now be able to receive attacks from objects and recovery actions from enemies when the Transerve's shield is removed.
  • Changed the name of the following Ryuker devices:
    • Barflow Waterfall → Barflow Waterfall: East
    • Danan Snowfields → Danan Snowfields: East
  • Added Ryuker Devices to the following areas:
    • Central Aelio | West Aelio | South Aelio
    • Central Retem | South Retem
    • Central Kvaris | South Kvaris
  • An exclusive BGM will now be played for Duel Quests
  • Duel Quests can now be retried when the quest fails.
  • Added drops to the Rappy, Emperappy and Greatreappy. This includes when they appear during Seasonal events.
  • Added drop items to some enemies appearing in Rank.7 of the Ordinal Tower.


  • The item pack screen will now notify you when there are items that have yet to be received from [System Storage].
  • For the Quick Menu, the [Perform Action] category, which can be added to the Customized Patterns, was changed from "Quick Menu Only" to "Chat."
    • There will be no changes to the [Perform Lobby Action] which appears in the [All] menu.
  • Portable Holograms and Nearby Holograms were added to the [Basic Type] and [Communication Type] patterns of the Quick Menu.
  • Added "Easy Photo Mode" to the [Basic Type] of the Quick Menu
  • Added a setting entry for Easy Photo Mode to "Assign Keys (Keyboard)".
  • Added "Portable Holograms" and "Build Parts" as item filters in the Scratch Prize List
  • For the Wish List, the cursor position of the last selected item will be retained while the player is logged in.
  • When searching for items in Player Shops, if there's a misspelling of one or two characters in an item name, a close match will appear as a candidate.
  • The item name entered in Product Search or Shop Search for Player Shops will be saved while the game is running.
  • Added the "Build Parts" and "Portable Holograms" categories to Player Shop's [Product Search].
  • Added [Gold Prim Armor II] and [Gold Prim Sword II] in the "Items To Be Included in Auto-Sale" for the Auto Sell Drop Items.
  • Added [Gold Prim Armor II] and [Gold Prim Sword II] in the "Items That Can Be Auto Sold" for the [Auto Sell Drop Items] menu.
  • Added ★9 or higher rarity to the "Rare Drop Effect Settings: Weapon / Armor."
  • Added [Display Other Player's Holograms] in the Graphics area in Options.
  • Changed the following in Options:
    • Removed the "Interface" Category and added "Camera."
    • Separated the [Sound / Chat] category into their own individual [Sound] & [Chat] categories.
    • Added a header and changed the position of the setting entries accordingly.
  • In the function settings for the PS4 version of PSO, changed the default value of the Pet Stats information to [Display].
  • Added [Portable Holograms] and [Nearby Portal Holograms] to the selectable items for Window Shortcut Settings in "Assign Keys (Keyboard)".
  • Added [Character Cel-Shading Settings] window at first startup.
  • Added [Cel-Shading Setting] to [Edit Other] in the Salon.
  • Added [Character Cel-Shading], [Character Cel-Shading: Outline Emphasis], and [Character Cel-Shading: Shadow Density] in the Graphics section in Options.
    • Cel-Shading is not supported for certain contents, including the background.
  • Made adjustments so that you can re-assign skill points in the [Learn Class Skill] menu of the Class Counter.
  • The [Learn Class Skills] screen will now be displayed upon clearing Cocoons/Towers so that skill points can be assigned as soon as they are earned.
  • Tasks that contain deadlines will now display the remaining time until the deadline approaches.
  • The ability to open the Creative Space Menu will be added to the following functions
    • Ryuker Device
    • Quick Menu
    • Communication in the Main Menu.
  • The scouting Team's name will now be displayed in the message of the scouting team's offer.
  • Added Genesis Points to Basic Stats

Character Creation Related

  • Changed the Field Test and Photo Room control instructions from text symbols to icons.
  • Added [Waistcloth Width] in the Waist/ Legs section of [Edit Body] in the Salon.
  • In the Salon for NGS Blocks, added the following entries:
    • "Remove" to [Makeup and Face Paint]
    • "Follow Color" to [Makeup and Face Paint]
    • "Remove" to [Outerwear]

Item Related

  • Added listings for [10 Star Gems] and [5 Star Gems] for the ARKS Record Badge Exchange in the Item Trader.
  • Added listings for [10 Star Gems] and [5 Star Gems] for the Team Badge Exchange Shop.
  • Added the Giga Strugment Exchange to the Item Trader.
  • Added "Development Preparation Special Emblem Exchange"
  • Added new items to the product listing for the ARKS Record Badge Exchange.
  • Added new items to the product listing for [Other Grind Materials] under the Grind Material Exchange in the Item Lab:
    • Photon Chunk II A
    • Photon Chunk II B
  • A portion of the Spring '23 Special Scratch has been added to the Special Scratch lineup
  • The Slayer Preparation Special Emblems can now be sold for meseta.

Other Changes

  • Increased the number of Team Badges that can be earned through Team Tasks.
  • The following changes have occurred to the PS4 version:
    • Updated the explanatory text that displays when switching Crossplay Settings.
    • Changed some of the License Text
    • Added new Trophies
  • The following objectives have been added to the Party Member Recruitment area:
    • Recon Gigants Suppression
    • Screenshot Taking
  • Added a progress indicator to the Loading Screen.
  • Adjusted the Title name for "Dark Falz Interceptor."
  • For [Exchange Tickets for Prizes] with the Scratch, the exchange tickets will now be referenced even if they are in storage boxes other than the Item Pack.
    • Exchange Tickets in the Item Pack will have more priority.
  • Added [Event-related Item Permission Display Setting] to display an icon for items to see if your character's fashion and equipment are eligible for entering Screenshot Contests or similar events.
    • For NGS blocks, this will be added for Quick Menu Customizations and the Main Menu.
    • For PSO2 blocks, this will be added to the "Photo Focus" pattern in the Quick Menu.
    • When using this feature, the icon will also appear on screenshots.
  • For ARKS bases such as Central City, etc., you will now be able to create Photo Rooms via the [Room Keyword/Photo Room Settings].
    • You will not be able to access NPCS within Photo Rooms in ARKS locations.
    • You will not be able to transfer as a party unit when leaving or transferring to rooms in ARKS Bases.
    • You will not be able to use the "Limit # Of People Setting" from [Room Keyword / Photo Room Settings] at ARKS Bases.

Balance Adjustments

Class Related

Quest & Field Related

  • Adjusted the enemy spawn rate in Combat Section: Resol Forest, so that the number of large-scale normal enemies increases.
  • Increased the Attack Power of the following enemies:
    • Gigantix
    • Ancient Enemies
    • Recon Gigants

Item Related

  • Increased the number of [ARKS RECORD BADGES] earned via Random Event Records.
    • Gold: 40
    • Silver: 30
    • Bronze 20
  • Removed the [SG Ticket] Team Task Record Rewards.
    • Gold: 「30 SG Ticket」×1
    • Silver: 「20 SG Ticket」×1
  • Adjusted the reward contents and their grind values for Main Task: Liu Lin's Advice II
    • Renessa Series +29 → Exter Series +39
    • Renessa Armor +29 → Renessa Armor +39

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