New Genesis: Patch Notes: September 2022

September 14 2022 | Patch Notes

System Update

Cannonball Strike

  • Added the new quest: Cannonball Strike
  • The quest format is similar to Cannonball Rumble
  • Rewards include Pedas Vera accessories among other things.

Cannonball Rumble

  • EXP will now be included in the rewards.
  • Gigantix will be removed from the quest.
  • Added some updrafts to the quest.

Mission Pass

  • Added NGS: Season 12 (until Oct 12, 2022)


  • Added a settings entry for "Check When Line / Twitter Login Fails"

Balance Adjustments

Cannonball Rumble

  • Adjusted the spawning enemies from Lv. 60 to Lv. 51.
  • Adjusted the recommended battle power from [2647] → [2251].
  • Made it easier for cannonballs to hit "Standard Target" and "Extra Target"
  • The following items will now be easier to obtain.
    • N-Hu EXCube
    • N-Ra EXCube
    • N-Fo EXCube
    • N-Fi EXCube
    • N-Gu EXCube
    • N-Te EXCube
    • N-BR EXCube
    • N-Bo EXCube
    • N-Wa EXCube

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