NGS GLOBAL: Emergency Maintenance (6/18/2021)

PSO2 Global will undergo emergency maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance COMPLETE


  • To address an issue preventing players from connecting to Xbox Live.

The issue has been resolved and compensation is being considered to apologize for the inconvenience.

6 thoughts on “NGS GLOBAL: Emergency Maintenance (6/18/2021)”

  1. Hello I recently installed PSO2 through ark s layers but when I open the game and try to play it all the ships are unavailable. What could be wrong?

  2. If you mean proxy, then you must've played a long time ago. It will be revived accdg to the tweaker team but not sure when.

    If you mean JP ip block, there were supposedly native Japanese living in Japan who cannot play as well during launch week so they used vpn too. Fun times.

  3. How can I still play this game? I can't add proxy it says : " Because of NGS update, the proxy function in tweaker is no longer working.


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