Otsukimi '22 Part 2 is Coming For You!


Otsukimi '22 – Part 2

Catch a ride and tear across Central Aelio and Central Retem in new Board Field Races! Rack up more seasonal points with new Limited Tasks targeting these races.

Additional items are on their way to the seasonal shop, including a new Moony-themed accessory and a color variation of the "Powerful" glide motion.

Aerial Defenders '22 (AC Scratch)

Shroud your character in formal dress, squeeze into a sci-fi wetsuit, or armor up in CAST parts that differ greatly in appearance depending on what ornaments are visible.


Limited-Time Events

Pair up with other players and clear the "Cannonball Strike" quest for a new ARKS Record.

An Otsukimi-themed seasonal Stellar Grace Recovery operation commences on the 29th!

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