Protect Retem from Starless Invaders!


"Night Chill Battle" Limited-Time Quest

Mop up waves of enemies on Kanai Isle in Aelio within a set time limit. Earn more time on the clock by routing certain amounts of enemies or by defeating enemies that are specially marked.


Story Chapter 6-3

Aina has become an instructor, with a fresh outfit to match! This role is proving to be quite the challenge, however, as does Manon's task as a surveyor, and the player character's new title of Guardian.

Retem Revamp

Pick up "Attracting Saucer" devices that can be used to translocate to its thrown location.

The "Myenin" trial has been added to the region, as well as an all-new trial that sees you herding TAMES into circular capture zones.

Recon Gigants have invaded the desert, alongside Lv.84 Gigantix of the Starless variety.

"Mining Rig Defense: Retem" Rank 3

Defend the mining rigs of Retem against a stronger fleet of foes, including a new Starless boss enemy.

Creative Space Additions

A new "Team Mag" device has been added to the Team Space parts catalog that can be used to receive up to five temporary stat boosts in exchange for Genesis Points. Earn "N-Team Points" by clearing Team Tasks and Leceil Exploration to further upgrade the power of the Team Mag's boosts.

The "Noct" Build Parts series can now be purchased from the Genesis Points shop.

Mellow your Creative Space with a myriad of mushroom themed decor available as part of a new Build Parts pack in the AC Shop.

Misc Additions

Surprise! The class level cap has been raised to 80!

New class skills have been added for select classes that serve to balance the use of long-range weapons in multiplayer.

"Maximize Enemy Level" and "Clear Difficulty Multiplier Maximization Set" options are available in the Trainia Challenge Settings.

Duel Quests are more accessible now, with an increased time limit of 10 minutes and reduced enemy HP. The boost effects of Region Mags will be disabled during the quests as well.

The appearance of the lock-on marker will be altered when overlapping with an enemy's core.

The number of support items available will be displayed at the Item Lab.

Two additional "Generate Add-On Skill" options will be added that give higher guaranteed results.

Different characters on the same account can have separate cel-shading settings. Furthermore, cel-shading can be toggled for NPCs and other players.

Switch to more natural-looking player movement with a "Player Movement Motion Correction" option.

Register your frequently used Portable Holograms as favorites.

The maximum number of Lobby Action favorites has been increased to 100.

A tab has been added to the accessory selection screen at the Salon.

New titles are available that unlock ARKS Card backgrounds of the Central City operators.

Street Beat (AC Scratch)

Bust a move in new street dancer style getups and hoodies with oversized sleeves.

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