PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (04/06/2022)

Patch Notes

Class Update

Class Level

  • You can now raise your class level to Lv. 45.

New Skills

  • Added new skills to Force and Techter.

New Photon Arts

  • Added photon arts to the following weapon types:
    • Sword
    • Wired Lance
    • Partisan
    • Twin Dagger
    • Double Saber
    • Knuckles
    • Assault Rifle
    • Launcher,
    • Twin Machine Gun
    • Katana
    • Bullet Bow
    • Dual Blades
    • Jet Boots

Compound Technics

  • Rod, Talis, and Wand now have access to Compound Technics.

Field Update

New Rank Added

種類 Name Rank Battle Power
Battle Section Retem El-Nossa Rank.3 1869+
Emergency Quest Lenus Vera Subjugation Rank.2 2049+
Emergency Quest Snidael Vera Subjugation Rank.2 2049+
Battledia Retem Devastators Rank.2 2114+

New Enemy

  • Added new enemy type [Equalizing Enemies].

New Items

Kukuroziat Series

System Update

Arks Cash

  • You will now be able to see the amount of Arks Cash you have per platform.
  • ※AC charged before the update will be categorized as (AC Shared), and can be used on any platform just like before.
  • ※The above is a Japan specific situation with splitting AC by platform.

Special Ability

  • Added new Special Ability Capsules.

Potential Ability

  • Added new Potential Abilities.


  • Dread Enemies will now spawn even if the player is near the Dread Enemy's spawn point.
  • Made changes to the screen when setting up password matchmaking for Emergency Quests and Battledia. You can now change the matchmaking word from the Quest Acceptance Menu during Password Matchmaking.
  • ※Due to this, you will no longer be able to use the Party Setting's [join password] for Emergency Quest and Battledia matchmaking.
  • Added new drops for some Lv 31+ DOLLS.


  • Character Information will now display Campaign Boosts in Current Effects.


  • Custom Light settings in the Quick Menu will now have the Camera Light default value changed from 0 to 100 within [Select Camera / Light]


  • For Tasks in which you must reach a certain Battle Power, you will now be able to clear that task without having to open up the Main Menu.
  • A new sort selection was added in order to "Prioritize Unaccepted Tasks" within the Task List of NPCs that you have access to. In addition, the default sort will be changed from [Standard Sort] to Prioritize Unaccepted Tasks]
  • ※This does not apply to the task list that displays in the Main Menu's [Task / Quest]
  • Ronaldine will now have a gold overhead icon when there are Tasks.
  • Changed the timing when Leah May's cleared Tasks can be repeated.
    • Every Wednesday At 11AM JST ↠ Every Day At 4AM JST

Party Command

  • You will now be able to form a party with [Invite to Party] after a quest has started.
  • Added [Party Member Recruitment] to the Party Command. You can set the conditions, objective, and recruitment comments. You can join a recruiting party from [Nearby Characters] or the [Character Menu]
  • ※This feature can be used in Central City, Retem City, sections, and quests.

World Map

  • Added an icon to the World Map that displays the section type to Ryuker Device and Section Info.
  • The Waypoint in the World Map will change as follows:
    • There will now be a new Waypoint icon on the map.
    • You can select your favorite icon from among 16 designs. You can place up to 50 of them in one region.
    • You can even type notes of up to 15 characters.
    • ※Due to the above changes, Waypoints will now be known as "Pins." You can enter notes for these Pins and even change the color of the Pin.
    • ※The "Pin" will no longer change to the same color as the Party.

Room Matchmaking

  • Room Matchmaking Settings will change as follows:
  • The name will change to "Room Keyword / Photo Room Settings"
  • There will now be a checkbox that sets the max number of players in a room.
  • When setting up a Keyword Set Room, you can change the maximum number of participants between 1~32 players.
  • ※You will not be able to change this after a room is created.


  • Color indicators will now be displayed in the thumbnail of color changeable NGS-spec items that have 2 changeable colors.
  • When editing accessories in the salon, the slider will now be grayed out for items in which you cannot adjust their size or rotation.
  • Added [Innerwear] and [Face Variation] for Ornament Display Settings.
  • Added the setting to hide innerwear in the Ornament display setting of the salon.
  • You can now change the time within the Salon's Field Test Time Settings. In addition, you can make the time setting's slider move quickly by simultaneously pressing the select button and the D-Pad.

Character Creation

  • Added a [Select Base Character] option that lets you select race, body type, and base character all at once.
  • In Character Creation and the Salon, they added the following basewear that can be selected by default.
    • Clerk Univus/D [Ba]
    • Clerk Unifa/D [Ba]

Fashion Catalogue

  • Sending a [Like] with a Good Job will now acquire SG
  • SG can now be acquired when sending a Good Job with a [Like!]
    • Acquire 1 SG per Like up to 5 times a day.
    • Premium Set users will receive 2 SG per Like!

My Fashion

  • Added a feature in which you can save Hairstyle adjustments.


  • Added a feature in the Mag Jukebox in which you can adjust the playback position of previews.

Region Mag

  • Items displayed on the Material Selection Screen will now reference items from the various storage boxes and Item Pack.
  • ※The [Temporary Storage], [Temporary Drop Storage], [Temporary Quest Storage], and [Management Storage] boxes will not be referenced. In addition, for the [Expanded Storage] box, only the [Favorite Storage] will be referenced.

Item Lab

  • For [Multiweapon] in the Item Lab, the differences in attack power will no longer be displayed when making a Material Item selection for a Multi-Weapon.
  • Added a [Multi-Category Type] sub-category when selecting the weapon camo category.

Exchange Shop

  • The following changes will be made to [Item Recycle] [Item Exchange] and [Grind Material Exchange]
    • At the final confirmation screen, changed the height so that it's easier to view the contents of the [Target Item List]
    • The Target Item List will now categorize by Exchange Patterns.
  • The [Item Recycle] area from both the Item Trader and the Shop Menu, will now have the following items:
    • N-EX EXP Booster+25%
    • N-EX EXP Booster+50%



  • Within the Item Menu, a confirmation window will now display when removing the lock on an item.
  • The thumbnail will indicate on the following items that it contains increased EXP when used as grinding materials:
    • Silver Prim Sword
    • Gold Prim Sworld
    • Silver Prim Armor
    • Gold Prim Armor
    • N-EXP Weapon.
  • The following items will have their rarity changed to ★4:
    • B Trigger / Aelio Yello
    • B Trigger / Aelio Purple
    • B Trigger / Retem Yellow
    • B Trigger / Retem purple
    • B Trigger / Spring '22

Streamer Mode

  • Added a Streamer Mode.


  • For the [Drop Animation Rarity Settings], the target item category will now be split up into [Weapons/Armor] and [Other Items].
  • Added a message that states "Custom Lights will take priority when enabled." within the detailed info for Camera Light in Graphic Settings.
  • Added the option for Stamp Display Settings to [Display only in Chat Log] or [Display only in Speech Bubbles] within the Sound/Chat Settings.


  • Added a [Recommended for Beginners] block for Aelio Block
  • Accounts that are set to display the "New Player Icon" will be preferentially assigned to log into [Recommended for Beginner] blocks whenever they log into Aelio. In addition, quest matchmaking will be limited to fellow [Recommended for Beginners].
  • ※Due to block congestion, a qualifying account may not always be able to get into [Recommended for Beginners].

Other Changes

  • In the PC version, pressing and holding the button assigned to the quick menu will now display the Region and City Map.
  • Some data that typically loads immediately after logging in, will now load during the loading screen.
  • The tab information for the selected item pack and storage box will now be retained for the Item Lab, My Shop, and Item Exchange Shop.
  • You will now be able to search market prices of special abilities together with the [View Market Price of Preset Ability] feature.
  • If the [Temporary Drop Storage] is full or near full, you will now get a notification about it again if you transfer rooms or blocks.
  • The message for acquiring a Login Stamp will now display only in the chat log.
  • There is now a button to remove all camos in the Weapon Camo settings.
  • If the skill points required to learn a skill is zero, the message [SP0] will be displayed.
  • Changed the display format of reward icons in the Task List screen.
  • For certain shops, changed the timing for when the guide at the top of the screen is displayed.

Balance Adjustments


  • The Battle Power in which the damage reduction takes place due to enemy and player level differences has been adjusted for Level 44 enemies.
  • Expanded the lock-on range when the Mobile Cannon is equipped
  • Relaxed the difficulty in obtaining the Blast Charge Sign for the [Defeat the Storm Area Enemies] trial.


  • Reduced the durability for some parts on the Lizentos.
  • Changed the Gigantix level for all regions to Level 49.
  • ※This does not apply to Halphilia Lake


  • The following items had their equip requirement changed to Lv.15
    • Tempesta Series
    • Lumiera Series

Class Balance Adjustments

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