PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (12/15/2021)

Patch Notes

Class Updates

Level Cap

  • The Level Cap has increased to level 35.

Class Skills

  • New Skills have been added to each Class Skill Tree.

New Technics

  • New Technics have been added to the game:
    • "Wind" Technics: Zan, Gizan
    • "Light" Technics: Grants, Gigrants
    • "Dark" Technics: Megid, Gimegid

Field Updates

Retem is here!

  • The [Retem Region] has been added.
  • Players can find new trainia, emergency, and battledia quests in this new region.

New Tasks

  • New tasks have been added to every category.


  • The Title system has been added.

Mission Pass

  • Mission Pass Season 3 has started!
  • Play and Collect rewards, the season ends January 12th, 2022

New Items

  • ★5 Weapons and Units have been added.


  • Chapter 2 of the Main Story has been added.

System Updates

Special Ability

  • Added new Special Abilities


  • For Fighter's Class Skill [Accel Drive], the height will not rise when touching a wall.
  • For Double Saber's Whirlwind, an effect will be played when going to the second stage.
  • For Techer's Class Skill [Shifta / Deband], a sound effect will play when the player receives the effect.
  • For Braver's Class Skill [Breakfall HP Gain], a sound effect and effect will play when activated.
  • For Photon Blast, a sound effect and effect will play when the gauge is maxed.
  • For some Weapon Actions and Class Skills, a sound effect will play when they come off Cooldown.
  • Some common skills will have their icon changed in the Class Skill Details Window.


  • Adjustments will be made for thunderstorms in Aelio to even out the amount during the day.
  • Adjusted PSE bursts so the gauge will not decrease as easily.


  • Added an "action" to Rappy


  • Players can take up to 20 Side Tasks at once, 40 if the player has premium.
  • Main Tasks will now list the Story Chapter number.
  • Side Tasks will display the NPC icon on it.
  • The Task Guide will now guide the player to the closest Region Mag.


  • Tasks that requires collecting a material will not count towards the goal from other methods of obtaining the item.
  • Changed the description of some ores.


  • Added 2 new Face Types.
  • Added a variety of Quality of Life improvements to the salon editing

My Fashion

  • Motion Changes will now be saved with My Fashion.


  • Added Sonar Support Settings
  • Added Mag Color Settings

Item Recycle

  • Added items to the Recycle Shop

Balance Adjustments


  • Class Skill: Volgraptor
    • The amount of Down Accumulation will be consistent regardless of damage dealt.


  • Twin Machinegun Weapon Action
    • Eased the timing of when you can input buffer
    • Extended invulnerability when successfully evading


  • Rod General
    • When Attacking, if no direction is inputted – it will face an enemy.


  • Wand General
    • When Attacking, if no direction is inputted – it will face an enemy.
  • Wand Photon Arts
    • When Attacking, if no direction is inputted – it will face an enemy.


  • Class Skill: Katana Guard Counter
    • Increased Attack Range
    • Relaxed the timing of descent
  • Class Skill: Katana Guard Counter Advance
    • Increased Attack Range
  • Class Skill: Fearless Attitude
    • Increased Attack Range
    • Relaxed the timing of descent
  • Katana Weapon Action
    • Relaxed the hit stop when a Just Guard is successful.
    • Even while invulnerable, players can still Just Guard.


  • Dual Blades Normal Attack
    • The 3rd Normal Attack attack range is extended and penetration has been added.
    • The 3rd Normal Attack's Guard Points during activation has been extended.
    • Extended the Step Counter Attack Range
    • The player no longer descends during Step Counter
  • Dual Blades PA: Stork Destruction
    • Increased Attack Range when derived.
  • Dual Blades PA: Harrier Rampage
    • Increased Power when derived.
    • Added the ability to move left and right when not derived.
  • Dual Blades PA: Rolling Pheasant
    • Extended the Attack Range at the final stage when not derived
    • Added super armor at the startup of the PA.

Flame Technics

  • Foie
    • Added penetration to uncharged Foie.
  • Gifoie
    • Made it easier to hit the target's position when charged.

Ice Technics

  • Gibarta
    • Increased the Attack Range

Lightning Technics

  • Zonde
    • Increase the range when uncharged.
  • Gizonde
    • Increased the attack range when uncharged.

Dread Enemies

  • Adjusted the time it takes them to spawn / respawn.


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